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Monster: A Book Review

By Pat Douglas

Meet Monster. Meet Judy. Two humans who don’t like each other much, but together must fight dragons, fire-breathing felines, trolls, Inuit walrus dogs, and a crazy cat lady – for the future of the universe.

Monster runs a pest control agency. He’s overworked and has domestic troubles – like having the girlfriend from hell.

Judy works the night shift at the local Food Plus Mart. Not the most glamorous life, but she’s happy. No one bothers her and if she has to spell things out for the night manager every now and again, so be it.

But when Judy finds a Yeti in the freezer aisle eating all the Rocky Road, her life collides with Monster’s. He doesn’t catch raccoons – he catches the things that go bump in the night. Things like ogres, trolls, and dragons.

Oh, and his girlfriend from Hell? She actually is from Hell.

Okay, first off… Monster isn’t actually a bizarro novel. I know what you are thinking: Why did you post the review about it here at Bizarro Central? Well hear me out. First, I assume that most of you are avid readers in general. It’s more of a fantasy novel, but if you’re a bizarro fan, I’ll say that there are lots of details in Monster that scream bizarre. Examples: The opening scene is of a yeti in a grocery store eating all the ice cream, but he only likes a special kind. One of the main characters changes colors every day. Another is a man made of paper, and yes, at some point he does catch on fire a little bit. Also, the cell phones in this book are actually babies! It may not be bizarro, but it’s bizarre enough to be worthy here at BC.

Second, I assume that a lot of you guys are also writers, and if you’re a writer of bizarro fiction this book would be a perfect inspirational read for thinking outside of the box. If writing bizarro is already thinking outside of the box, then reading this book for inspiration would be thinking outside of the outside (if that makes sense). This novel is a wacky ride for any lover of ‘different’. It starts out with a fast pace and keeps a steady rhythm throughout.

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Day 28: Erik Mark Sandberg

By Sam Reeve


Erik Mark Sandberg was born in 1975 in Minnesota and now resides in Los Angeles. He received a BFA and now teaches at several different art colleges.

Visit his website here (which has a limited selection of his art), or his Flickr photostream (which is more complete).



girl with wonderwoman tee


pantera hairy child

Erik Mark Sandberg toot it and boot it

blue hairy child


Erik Sandberg Sculpture 2010

rainbow unicorn



my children love me deeper

youth with friends erik mark sandberg