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Beyond Good and Evil: An Interview With Crispin Hellion Glover

by Tracy Vanity
All images courtesy of Crispin Glover

Those who gravitate to that place beyond limitations, where anything and everything can happen, tend to search for others like themselves because as social animals, humans have a primal desire to seek fellow passengers on the same crazy journey.


Crispin Hellion Glover is not merely a passenger but a driving force in that place which he describes as existing “beyond good and evil.”

Best known for his acting roles in major Hollywood pictures such as Willard, Beowulf, Charlie’s Angels, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and yes…Back to the Future…Crispin uses the money and recognition he receives from his mainstream work to fund and promote his personal projects: from a whimsical album of original music with covers of songs by Nancy Sinatra and Charles Manson to modified vintage art books and two brilliant feature-length films which he’s been touring around the world with for 7 years and counting.


With What is it? and It is fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE!, which he produced and directed himself without the backing of a major studio, Crispin has achieved what few who venture beyond the realm of that which is beyond good and evil ever do: establish a symbiotic relationship between a mainstream Hollywood acting career with an avant-garde art career.

I’ve been fortunate to catch Crispin’s screenings about 4 times when I lived in Los Angeles and was in awe every time. Not only is watching him perform a live dramatic narration of his books entertaining but it adds an organic spirit that can’t be replicated while watching a film in a theater, television set or computer screen. The more we become accustomed to viewing our world through a glowing screen, the more powerful the medium of reality and physically interacting with other human beings becomes. Crispin uses this power to his advantage through his live opening performance and Q&A sessions.

I was very happy that Crispin agreed to an interview for Bizarro Central to help promote his winter tour in the Americas. Along with discussing details of what’s in store for those who attend a Crispin Glover screening, Crispin also describes how David Lynch helped him make his film and also provides details on the forces that influenced him to create such an elaborate vaudeville show in the first place:

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Tracy: When I interviewed you back 2007, you mentioned that your interests were with “that which was beyond good and evil”? Is that term still applicable to your interests and your films What is it? and It is fine! Everything is fine!?

Crispin: Yes that description still applies to the films. I generally answer with that description when there is a moral question. Films that are currently financed and distributed by the film corporations and distribution corporations that currently exist must sit within the boundary of that which is considered good and evil.

What this means is if there is a so called “bad thing/evil thing” that sits with in a corporately financed and distributed film it must necessarily pointed at by the filmmaker so that the audience is dictated to that the only way to think about that so called “evil thing” is that one way.

Any other way of think about that so called “evil thing” would be considered wrong and it must be made in such a way that they audience understands that the filmmakers feel that this “evil thing” is only that and no other way of thinking about that “evil thing” could or should be possible.

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A film that goes beyond the realm of good and evil may have this same so called “evil thing” but the filmmaker may not necessarily point at that so called “evil thing” so that the audience are not dictated to and therefore can determine and think what for itself as to what this so called “evil thing” really is to them.