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Twisted Tuesdays: Spontaneous Human Combustion

by Tracy Vanity


One of the most bizarre medical anomalies, spontaneous human combustion is when someone suddenly bursts into flame from within. Typically only the body remains burned even if flammable material is nearby. The cause for this has yet to be explained but it is certain that the fat in our bodies are highly flammable, so once that “inner fire” ignites, we’re toast!


Most skeptics blame cigarette accidents for this phenomena but not everyone agrees…

According to self-proclaimed “parascientist,” Larry E. Arnold, there have been 200 known cases of spontaneous human combustion in the past 300 years. He even wrote a book about it:


The latest case of alleged SHC happened this past February when an 65-year-old Oklahoma man by the name of Danny Vanzandt was found burned to death in his home after reportedly burning for 10 hours. Nothing else caught on fire and police and autopsy reports ruled out homicide but not SHC.

You can read about 10 cases of spontaneous human combustion via io9. Also How Stuff Works has a greatly detailed article on the subject.

This documentary on SHC is rather informative and entertaining if you wish to know more about spontaneous human combustion, and who doesn’t?

So actual Bizarro paranormal phenomena or simply a freak accident? You decide…


Twisted Tuesdays: Disney is fucking evil!

by Tracy Vanity

I have a total love/hate relationship with Disney. Like everyone, I grew up watching Disney movies and shows and have been to Disneyland hundreds of times so there is that nostalgic connection. As I got older though, much like with everything in my life, I poked around for the “dark” side and found some interesting twisted things about the Disney company as well as many fucked up fan art devoted to The Mouse.


As much as I find Disney to be this villainous, corporate empire, I still love twisted Disney shit.


Today’s Twisted Tuesday is dedicated to the dark side of Disney, both real and “imagineered.”

disney madness

My favorite bit of weird Disney history is this vintage Mickey Mouse mini-comic called “Mickey and the Medicine Man” where Mickey and Goofy discover a liquid form of speed called “peppo” and become speed dealers!

You can read the whole comic at Erowid. It’s very entertaining.

Here is an episode of a Minnie Mouse cartoon that was banned in the U.S. for being too disturbing for kids. In this episode, Mickey asks Minnie to take care of Pluto. Throughout the episode, Pluto thinks Minnie is trying to kill him. Only the Polish version is available but it’s subtitled in English.

Minnie can be quite an evil bitch.


While we’re on the subject of Disney death, here is a list of some deaths at Disneyland Parks care of Disney Wiki:

-On October 6, 2010, a 53-year-old cleaner, subcontracted to Disney, became trapped underneath a boat on It’s a Small World when the ride was inadvertently switched on while it was being cleaned. The man was taken to a hospital where he later died.

-On June 26, 2007, an unnamed 14-year-old girl lost consciousness on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Paramedics attempted to revive her, but she died before the ambulance arrived. A ride inspection showed no mechanical problems.

-On May 2, 2008, a businessman leapt to his death from his 14th floor balcony at Disneyland Hotel. He was later identified as John Newman, Jr., a dentist from Santa Cruz, California. The hotel has been host to at least two other suicides. In 1994, a 75-year-old man jumped from the ninth floor and was declared dead at the scene. In 1996, a 23-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor. In 1998, a 23 year-old Walt Disney Co. employee jumped from the 14th floor and survived the fall.

-In April 2003, a 36-year old stage technician fell 60 feet from a catwalk in the Hyperion Theater, prompting an investigation by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA). The victim did not regain consciousness following the incident and died on May 18, 2003. In October 2003, Cal/OSHA fined the Disneyland Resort $18,350 for safety violations related to the crew member’s death.

-On July 8, 1974, cast member Deborah Gail Stone, 18, of Santa Ana, California was crushed to death between a revolving wall and a stationary platform inside the America Sings attraction. She was in the wrong place during a ride intermission; it was unclear whether this was due to inadequate training or a misstep. The attraction was subsequently refitted with breakaway walls.

-On January 3, 1984, 48-year-old Dolly Regina Young of Fremont, California was thrown from a Matterhorn Bobsleds car and struck by the next oncoming bobsled. An investigation showed that her seatbelt was found unbuckled after the accident. It is unclear whether Young delibrately unfastened her belt or if the seatbelt malfunctioned.

-In August 1967, 17-year-old Ricky Lee Yama of Hawthorne, California was killed while jumping between two moving PeopleMover cars as the ride was passing through a tunnel. Yama stumbled and fell onto the track, where an oncoming train of cars crushed him beneath its wheels and dragged his body a few hundred feet before it was stopped by a ride operator. The attraction had only been open for one month at the time.

Those are just a few of the many deaths at Disneyland, there have also been various severe injuries and altercations with “cast members,” my favorite being a recent incident where the White Rabbit pushed & cussed out some annoying teenagers who were messing with his tail.

He should have bitchslapped her. Don’t fuck with Wonderland!

Of course there are loads of reports of weird, paranormal things happening in the Magic Kingdom. My favorite is this creepypasta about some scary shit that went down on the Small World ride:

In 1999, my family visited Disneyland. We happily rode the Small World ride. I was 12 at the time and my sister was 6. We loved every moment and our parents smiled with nostalgia. At one time near the end, some lights suddenly shut off and rear lights illuminated the ceiling. The moving display parts shut off and crew members wearing red overalls walked along them to help passengers in the boats onto the stages to direct them out of the building via emergency exits. A voice came over the loudspeakers. “Disneyland thanks you for your visit. Please evacuate the attraction in an orderly fashion. Keep looking foward and follow the directions of staff. Thank you.”

The staff wouldn’t tell us much as they quickly ushered us out of the building. Ambulances were outside and a police car was parked in the main walkway. At the time, my mother still had her camera out and snapped a few photos of the crewmen and close-ups of the mechanical children. She snapped a few last-minute photos of whatever to use up the last of the roll of film on the camera, since we were going to develop them later that afternoon, anyway. This was the last photo on the reel, aimed at the ceiling at the attraction.


The popularity of dark Disney imagery, creepypastas, and weird Disney facts on the internet has to do with the wholesome image Disney prides itself in trying to achieve/kill people for when everyone knows they are really this evil empire who have taken over the world.


What kind of twisted Disney post would this be if I didn’t mention the Disney/Illuminati connection?


Did you know Disney has this entire creepy, Stepford Wife town in Florida called Celebration where people have been murdered? The dads in Celebration also swap robot wives to relieve boredom.


I will leave you with this fun link to a Disney shoot-em-up game called Los Disneys. The premise is pretty amazing:

The year is 2015. Steeped in national debt, the United States reluctantly allows the Walt Disney Company to purchase the entire peninsula of Florida in the largest geographic acquisition since the Louisiana Purchase. Under its new president, formerly-ousted CEO Michael Eisner, the newly-sovereign state is renamed Los Disneys. Your job is to infiltrate the Magic Kingdom, blasting your way through animatronic pirates, holographic ghosts, tourists, security guards and even Mickey himself in an attempt to seek and destroy the frozen head of Walt Disney. However, doing so inadvertently triggers Eisner’s doomsday device… unless you can stop it…


Twisted Tuesdays: Bizarre Deaths

by Tracy Vanity


Sometimes the only thing more random than life is death, especially the way these people went:

Bizarre deaths happen more often than you may have realized. Here’s some of the strangest ways people have bitten the dust:

(list originally compiled by Jackol, R.I.P my friend)

A Michigan man died when a 14 pound bowling ball, thrown from a passing car, bounced through the window of his car and killed him.

A 17-year-old boy in France allegedly committed suicide because his mother wouldn’t let him have plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson.

-San Francisco football fan, George North, was celebrating a victory by riding a trash bin down a stadium ramp when the bin flipped over a cement wall and North fell 42 feet to his death.

-During an argument at a Maryland truck stop, Fred Warren stuck a hunting knife into a tire. The air escaping from the puncture blew the knife back into his own throat and killed him

2 Seattle women died from coffee enemas. Death was attributed to fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, following enema abuse

A 24-year-old student, named Tetsuo Sugawara, suffocated when he taped his nose and mouth shut as part of an experiment on the effects of breathing.

14-year-old Martine Blot was killed by a man who fell on her as he jumped from the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral to commit suicide.

In California, Carolyn M. Matsumoto, committed suicide by closing herself up in the family’s dishwasher.

Dairy delivery driver Joseph Larose was killed when 500 pounds of ice cream treats fell on him in Tampa, Florida.

21 people drowned in molasses when a tank burst and sent 2.3 million gallons of sticky brown goo roaring through the streets of Boston in 1919.

-Dennis R. Widdison of Newark, England committed suicide in 1987 by pounding 5-inch nails into his own skull with a hammer.

Don Terrell Henderson died while driving along a Texas road smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat when his head got caught in one of the boxes.

-Bobby Willis, a barber in Denver, was shot to death by a customer who didn’t like his haircut.

-Charles Rogers reached to help a grave digger when the grave began caving in. Rogers fell in, followed by the headstones, which crushed him dead. It was originally his brothers grave.

Anneliese Michel was a Catholic woman from Germany who was said to be possessed by six or more demons and subsequently underwent a secret ten-month-long voluntary exorcism in 1975. Two motion pictures, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Requiem are loosely based on Anneliese’s story. The two priests and her parents were convicted of negligent manslaughter for failing to call a medical doctor to address her eating disorder. When she died she weighed 68 pounds.

In 1981, Kenji Urada became one of the first people to be killed by a robot when he was disassembled by an automated assembly machine.

Father of two drowns while kayaking after being attacked by a SWAN.


In 1952, John Reid suffocated in a vat of barley in the San Francisco brewery where he worked.

A teenage hairdressing student died after eating large quantities of her own hair.

-English do-it-yourselfer William Hall committed suicide in 1971 by drilling 8 holes into his own head.

Two U.S. presidents – Thomas Jefferson and James K. Polk – have died from diarrhea.

-In 1978, Terry Kath, of the band “Chicago” tried to prove a gun wasn’t loaded by pointing it at his head and pulling the trigger.

An Oregon pig farmer was eaten by pigs.

This one is by far my favorite and the most bizarre death:

frozen urine

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die.” – Hunter S. Thompson