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Weekly Weird Art: Shain Erin

By Sam Reeve

Shain Erin hails from California and has this to say of his creepy art dolls:

These are not comforting toys; they can be challenging and defiant, disturbing and enchanting, irrational and frightening, beautiful and sad. They have stories they yearn to tell, and they hold secrets they will never give up. I like to think of dolls as spirit vessels and the making of a doll a kind of offering or invitation. It’s always a collaboration between me and whatever spirit comes forward.

Some of his sculptures were featured here on Bizarro Central over a year ago, but he’s awesome so you get to look at more! You can view more of Shain’s work, or learn more about him, on his blog, Flickr or deviantART page.


shain erin cenobia

shain erin jointed bride doll

shain erin malva

shain erin mummy

shain erin the fallen (figure of a child)

shain erin the seer

shain erin zombie doll

Weird Art Month 2012: Artist Roundup

Weird Art Month has come and gone, once again. Here are the wonderful artists whose work we saw last month, with links to the posts. You can also click on the “weird art month” category to browse through all the posts from the last two years.

And if you’re wanting more weird art just like this, don’t fret! Weekly Weird Art posts are starting this Saturday.


1. Olivier de Sagazan
2. Scott Scheidly
3. Paul Wunderlich
4. Jason Hernandez
5. Felix Labisse
6.  Charlie Immer
7. Skinner
8. Oleg Dou
9. Chris Ryniak
10. Fulvio di Piazza
11. Steve Belmarsh
12. Albane Simon
13.  Chris Mars
14. Satoshi Sakamoto
15. Wiesław Wałkuski
16. John Kenn
17. Cao Hui
18. Steve Seeley
19. Jordu Schell
20. Tomek Setowski
21. Spunky Zoe
22. Emilio Subira
23. David M. Cook
24. Emil Alzamora
25. Joel Witkin
26. Sabi van Hemert
27. Michael Fields
28. Erik Mark Sandberg
29. Danny van Ryswyk
30. Eduardo Bertone
31. Dariusz Zawadzki




Shitty Holiday Alert!

By Sam Reeve

Whoah, what?! Another one? Just when I was getting over the trauma of xmas, another blight upon our calendar rolls around. Damn.

Well, remember the weird artist features I did in December to make xmas fade away? I’m gunna do a one-day version of that, but with a theme, and with your help.

The theme, of course, is valentines day and how much it sucks. I want weird art that features anti-romance, anti-love and anti-valentines day imagery. No, I don’t want your art, though if you really wanted to submit your own that would be super cool. I just want to have some help collecting the best the internet has to offer.

You don’t get jack shit for participating, but you DO get the satisfaction of having helped create a compilation of anti-valentines day art. So there.


Send me an email to sam.reeve(at) with the jpeg attached. In the subject line I need the words “Valentines day sucks” or else I’m not opening the attachment. I need the artist’s name as well as the link to where you retrieved the picture. Send as many as you like. I’ll be accepting these emails until the morning-noonish time on Valentines day.

I’m also very open to whatever your interpretation is of “anti-love”, so if a piece speaks to you about that theme, even though you don’t think it’s blatantly about it, I’m interested in seeing what you send in.

Now get to it.