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World Horror Cinema: Turkey

By Sam Reeve

dracula_istanbul_daTitle: Dracula in Istanbul

Year: 1953

Language: Turkish

My rating: 5/10

My introduction to Turkish cinema was the ripoff of Star Wars, a film that was too bad to finish and had such low production quality that I just couldn’t cope. Although I finished Dracula in Istanbul, the quality wasn’t much better, but that may have been the specific copy I found on Youtube. The subtitles weren’t consistently there, and in some parts there was no dialogue in Turkish but everyone’s mouths were moving. It also looked like something from the 30’s, when in fact it came out in 1953.

As with the Turkish Star Wars, this was a ripoff story too. If you’ve read Bram Stoker’s classic vampire book, or even seen any of its truer adaptations, then you’ll know the drill here. Actually, Dracula in Istanbul is based on a book that majorly ripped off Stoker’s, and some people just consider it a translation.

Anyway, Lawyer dude shows up in countryside, meets Dracula. Finds out he’s a vampire. Some chicks get involved and some people get their blood sucked. One difference here is one of the ladies was an exotic dancer or something like that, so she was scantily clad compared to the dames in other old Dracula films.

drakula istanbulda_fangs

Die hard fans of black and white horror will still get a kick out of this, but more so if you speak Turkish, because the subtitles sucked shit. I’m glad I knocked it off my list, and it’s apparently a major classic in its home country, so it’s also an important one foreign film lovers.

Here you have it folks, the stuff of legends, complete with the “English” subtitles. Enjoy!