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Halloween Chaos Countdown: McKamey Manor Will Fuck With Your Psyche!

tied up

Lots of people have been sending me links to this promo video for the most extreme haunted house ever created. I’m glad that fucked up Halloween shit reminds you of me. I’m touched.

If you have not yet watched the video, watch it!

To call it a haunted house is an understatement. McKamey Manor isn’t some $5 backyard spook show with people in cheap costumes jumping out at you while you try to see through a fog machine. Russ and Carol McKamey, the creators of this unique horror experience have chosen to go all the way, much like a real-life Serbian Film, and totally destroy¬†people’s minds.


World Horror Cinema: Taiwan

By Sam Reeve

invitation only posterTitle: Invitation Only

Year: 2009

Language: Mandarin and English

My rating: 5.5/10

Although saturated with flaws of all kinds, Invitation Only has you rooting for its protagonists, and fans of gore will be thoroughly loving what is reportedly Taiwan’s first slasher film.

In a brutal, torture-porn tale of poor vs rich, we meet Wade Chen, a slacker “loser” who got a decent job because of his influential father. One day his boss insists that Chen go to a fancy invite-only party in his stead, but little does he know that the party is merely an excuse for the wealthy to humiliate and kill off a few unlucky victims. Sort of like Hostel, but with more cocktails and dancing. Set in a converted warehouse (because that’s where the rich hang out, right?), Chen must find a way to escape before he gets added to the body pile.

invitation onlyIf it wasn’t for how the protagonists were set up, I probably would’ve found this quite boring. Torture movies just don’t do it for me, but the social commentary, simplistic though it was, added just enough oomph for me to get through this and still care about the surviving characters. Chen rose to the occasion from having previously been a boring, incompetent wiener, and the remaining female actually used her head to help her survive. She even ditched the heals. Seriously, you don’t see that shit enough. It was refreshing.

Also as hilarious as it was confusing, was the presence of a white dude as one of the chief bad guys. And he looked ridiculous with his shitty little goatee and hard-to-place accent. It was great!

Here’s the full movie with English subtitles. Enjoy!

Day 18: Audition (1999)

By Sam Reeve

Sorry this post is coming so late today. First wordpress wasn’t letting me post or edit things, and now the servers are down and being wacky when I can post it. BOOO. anyhow…

Audition, brought to us by the legendary Takashi Miike, is what’s on the dinner plate for this evening. It’s based on a novel of the same name by Ryu Murakami and stars Eihi Shiina (starred in Tokyo Gore Police).

As the title would suggest, there’s an audition. Ryo’s wife died many years before and his son has been urging him to remarry. Ryo’s producer friend decides to set up a fake audition for a film so that he can meet a bunch of women and learn about them. Only one girl catches his eye: Asami, a quiet and bizarre woman.

They go on dates and things seem very odd but ok from Ryo’s point of view, but we know very well that she’s a bit of a messed up girl.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It’s pretty fucked up, so there’s that. I was expecting this movie to be much more brutal both psychologically and in terms of gore, so I was underwhelmed in a way. I read about it prior to watching and multiple sites reported that when it was first shown at festivals, people walked out or fainted because it was so extreme.

Don’t be fooled. If you watch a lot of horror movies this may not shock you. I loved it, so don’t get me wrong, but just don’t pay attention to the hype.

It was a beautiful movie and well acted. The last scenes with Asami torturing Ryo were a bit hard to watch, but mostly because of the joy she showed while doing it. I really think the characters were the saving grace for this movie (for those like me who just weren’t frightened by it). They were interesting, there was just enough back story (more in Asami’s case), and some were very fucked up in the interesting sense.

WHAT DIDN’T WORK: The “it was all a dream” thing is used heavily near the end of the movie, which annoyed me. That’s my only real complaint about Audition, and I’m sure it would bother me less during a second viewing.

Below I’ve posted the full movie with English subtitles. If you’ve seen Audition already or end up watching it, let us know what you think in a comment below!

Bizarro Bangkok: Tour Through the Bangkok Corrections Museum

by Tracy Vanity

A quick history of Thai execution methods:

Until the 1930s, the Thais beheaded criminals, unless the victim was royal, in which case they were beaten to death with a piece of sweet-smelling wood.

In 1932, they switched to firing squad, a system that lasted until December 2003. The execution room is still splattered with the blood of those killed by a bullet.

Quoted from BBC News

In 2004 Thailand started using the more “humane” lethal injection and reform was put in place to improve the treatment of prisoners that weren’t already executed. Although Bangkok prison is still pretty fucked up, what with sleeping on concrete, getting dysentery from the gruel, constant threats of getting shanked by a methed-out Russian over a cigarette…Thai prison life used to be way more fucked up than it is now. The Bangkok Corrections Museum is proof of that, depicting what prison life was life not that long ago.


Located on a serene public park in the middle of a popular Bangkok tourist area, this old prison was transformed into a museum after a newer prison was built further away from central Bangkok. It showcases some old school torture and discipline that looks like something out of a medieval torture book instead of a way of life for prisoners as early as the mid-80’s.