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Music Video Release: SWAMP FIST! by the Slow Poisoner

Feast your slimy peepers on “Swamp Fist!”, the latest offering from The Slow Poisoner. Swamp witches, Trump decapitations and moss mounds abound!

The Slow Poisoner releases… Swamp Fist!

The Slow Poisoner, that one-man surrealistic rock and roll band, has released his latest album: SWAMP FIST! Individual tracks and the entire album can be purchased here. If you’ve ever heard The Slow Poisoner’s music or seen him play live, you know that this album is chock full of auditory oddities that make even the dead tap their toes. If you haven’t heard The Slow Poisoner before, then get this now! It’s the perfect music for the Halloween season.

The Slow Poisoner | Swamp Fist!