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Weird Art Month: Gwen Murphy

By Sam Reeve

Gwen Murphy has done a huge series she calls “Foot Fetish”, which has little to do with the sexualization of feet, but lots to do with shoes. Seems she used real shoes for these surreal and amusing sculptures, but if she didn’t, it doesn’t matter. They’re awesome! Check out her blog here to see them all.

Weird Art Month: Adalberto Abbate

By Sam Reeve

Sick of the holidays yet? I instantly regretted leaving my house today. People were assholes, especially on the road. I wanted to find something bloody and awful for today’s post, and Adalberto Abbate’s micro sculptures are perfect: little mini people suffering terribly or killing each other!

Adalberto Abbate was born in Palermo, Italy, where he still resides. His art is quite varied – some is just pictures of girls shoving bananas in their vaginas, some is clever social commentary, and some is the kind of modern art you’d sort of scoff at and say “my kid could do that” – but he’s still a genius and I love him for these micro sculptures. Visit his website to see more.

Weird Art Month: Julie Moon

By Sam Reeve

Toronto-born Julie Moon has exhibited her strange sculptures around the world, but most recently in Philadelphia where she currently resides. Her playful and strange pieces typically feature flowers and elements of the human body.

Visit her website here to see more of her work, or check out her Etsy shop for some unique porcelain jewelery.

Weird Art Month: Jessica Joslin

By Sam Reeve

When I stumbled upon Jessica Joslin’s work I was not only stunned by its beauty and detail, but by the sheer amount of it. She’s already got over 200 of these sculptures to her name, and her menagerie of brass and bone only keeps growing. She gives new life to both the animal and the antiques from which these sculptures are crafted. In the event a certain animal is endangered or rare, she uses a replica skeleton instead.

I recommend checking out Jessica’s website for more pictures of her work. You won’t regret it.

Weekly Weird Art: Ray Villafane

By Sam Reeve

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, I thought I would feature Ray Villafane’s amazing pumpkin sculptures. He also does sand sculptures and toys, but the pumpkin carvings are still my favourite. He has won a lot of major pumpkin carving contests and it’s easy to see why. Feel free to drop by his website to see more of his work.

Weekly Weird Art: Mark Prent

By Sam Reeve

Mark Prent is a Polish-born Canadian sculptor and performance artist whose grotesque work has caused a stir since the 70’s. In 1972 and ’74 his work was exhibited in the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, and both times the police tried shutting it down after a public morality group complained about the nature of the art. The gallery’s right to display the art was successfully defended each time.

Born in Lodz, Poland in 1947, Mark’s parents immigrated to Canada when he was still an infant and he was raised in Montreal. He now lives in Vermont with his wife and continues to create his disturbing sculptures. Although he hasn’t exhibited in years, he uses them in his performance art, and his son (a videographer) records the sessions.

After checking out the gallery below, be sure to visit his website to see more fucked up art!

Weekly Weird Art: Justin Aerni

By Sam Reeve

Justin Aerni is an American artist who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His multimedia art is dark, strange, and both silly and serious all at once. Besides painting, drawing and sculpting, Aerni has created short films featuring his own music and animations, and he has also published a book of poetry called Bitter Batter Brains.

Below are a couple of his videos and samples of his art, including a random one of him just eating a sandwich, which I somehow found totally amusing.