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Weird Art Month: Justin Bartlett

By Sam Reeve

I hope everyone is having a very metal Christmas! I’m sitting in my dark house listening to Ulver. ‘Tis the season!

Justin Bartlett’s art is completely appropriate for this blackest of days and I just can’t get enough of it. His style is inspired by that of Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni (an equally amazing artist that you should totally check out). Justin has done work for bands like SUNN O))), Gorgoroth, Job For A Cowboy and Earache Records, and has appeared in publications like Vice Magazine and Adbusters Norway. See more of his work here.

Twisted Tuesdays: cooking

by Tracy Vanity

Picture 1

Learn how to make red food with a creepy Japanese doll. I love the noise freakout in the end and the Engrish translation.

All of PiroPito’s videos are pretty wtf. Piro’s “about me” description is very poetic:

My pretty DOLLs…

I have finished to make Achan Diary 12.

And I am making new video now. This is horror? nightmare? cult? satanic? unconscious?

but It took more time.

Plz wait more time ;…

I love Japan.

Day 9: Dan Harding

By Sam Reeve

As the holidays draw nearer and I turn green and move up into my little cave above Whoville, I’ll be posting more and more brutal art. Suck on it, Santa. Today I’m featuring Dan Harding, whose creepy fucked up art makes me feel warm inside like no Christmas tree can.

Dan Harding comes from New Jersey, and though he’s never had any formal artistic training, he’s managed to have his art shown in galleries around the country as well as in Europe.

Click here to check out a great interview with Dan by Eclectix, and learn what makes this guy tick.