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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Animals Inspired by Satan!

It’s Devil’s Night Bizarros! Time to play some pranks, set fire to shit, and hail Satan! You can even name your cat, dog, or kid, after a demon.


Speaking of animals, here are 6 animals who surely came from the depths of hell or were at least named after The Dark Lord.

1) Ayam Cemani (Gallus gallus domesticus)

This Indonesian chicken is the blackest animal in the world. Even its bones and meat are black!

2) Jacob Sheep (Ovis aries)

jacob sheep

Baphomet incarnate, Jacob sheep can have 2-6 horns and are aggressive enough that they are used as guards in farms.

3) Satanic Leaf Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

satan gecko

Found only in Madagascar, these geckos look a lot like dragons.


Aside from looking cool, they don’t really do anything demonic. They just use their cool tail which looks like a dead rotting leaf to lure prey.

4) Satanic Nightjar (Eurostopodus diabolicus)Satanic-Nightjar-11

The common and scientific names of this species refer to a local superstition: it is associated with a “wet” plopping sound, repeated twice, that may be heard in the nighttime in its habitat. Locals believe this bird to be a demonic entity that tears the eyes of sleeping people out, hence the sound. [2]

5) Anopheles Mosquito (Anopheles gambiae)


Why is a mosquito on this list? Because it’s the deadliest animal in the world. This little bugger spreads malaria which kills over 600,000 people a year!

 6) Blackdevil fish (Melanocetus johnsonii)

black devil

These deepsea anglerfish are monstrous creatures.

“The female lurks in the dark, drawing in prey with her glowing lure, while the male attaches to her like a blood-sucking parasite. Females can swallow prey larger than their own bodies.”


Bonus: Old school documentary on Satan and demonic possession with Boyd Rice singing “Total War” in the intro! A classic!

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Satanic Love for Devil’s Night!

Halloween is tomorrow!

unholy trinity

“Unholy Trinity” By  Chad Michael Ward

I’ve known the night before Halloween as “Devil’s Night” because of The Crow but apparently this name is mostly used in Michigan due to the large numbers of arsons that always occurs in Detroit before Halloween. Other parts of the U.S. have various names for October 30th such as:  trick night, mischief night, devil’s eve, and even cabbage night. “Devil’s Night” is still the best I think. Damn, Brandon Lee was sexy…


Aside from lighting fires, people like to run around and create general mischief before Halloween. Has anyone ever actually set fire to a bag of dog shit and put it on some old man’s porch or do they only do that in movies?

The Devil is the epitome of mischief. Here is this year’s Satanic/demonic love!

beast daugter tumblr_mtw71m5Idb1rkcjd8o1_500 satan whirl baphomet devil holding pooh satanist 666

teen devil

satan escapeschurchofsatan-2bob

This is a good song with “Satan” in the title. Of course it’s about Satan in the form of a woman. The footage is from the classic Russ Meyer film, Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!  Yay Tura Satana! Do you have any favorite songs about the Prince of Darkness or various forms thereof?

Make some mischief and hail Satan! Happy Devil’s Night!

World Horror Cinema: Mexico

By Sam Reeve

alucarda posterTitle: Alucarda

Year: 1978

Language: English

My rating: 7/10

This forgotten classic has it all: Satanism, murder, burning crosses, demonic possession, orgies and hot lesbian action! Despite being a Mexican film, Alucarda was originally filmed in English and many copies you’ll find today have even been dubbed over with new English dialogue. It sparked controversy upon its release for the imagery and themes, but has maintained a healthy following throughout the years.

Justine, a teenage orphan, arrives at a convent and is instantly befriended by Alucarda, a mischievous girl of the same age. They romp around the countryside together, meet gypsies, make a blood oath to die together, and then unleash evil forces in an abandoned church – all on Justine’s first day. The two girls become possessed by Satan and wreak havoc on the convent and its inhabitants.

alucarda 2 alucardaThe film was by no means high quality in terms of acting, dialogue, or really anything, but did that lessen the enjoyment? Hell no! Alucarda is a gem, a ridiculous gaudy gem that you’d find at a thrift store and never want to let go of. The final scene when everything gets lit on fire and all the nuns are running around like mad – genius. The worst part of the whole movie is the screaming, which there’s a lot of, but everything else is fun and crazy. Also, if you like female nudity, there’s a lot of that, and sometimes they even make out. It definitely makes up for the lack of sexy nuns, because they literally dress like Egyptian mummies (see below).

alucarda 5

alucarda 3So, hopefully you’ve been convinced that this is a must-see horror film, but if you’re still unsure, check out the clip below. Lots of fluffy hair and nuns who appear to be wrapped in bacon. Below that is the full movie, dubbed over in English for unknown reasons.

Have you seen Alucarda? Let us know what you think in a comment below!

Halloween Chaos Countdown: #Caturday

I’m doing this every Caturday from now on BTW…

.995690_425406244223576_1969640757_n 1239914_247883952032351_201843762_n black cat cute cute satan kitty fat cat glow cat raining cats tumblr_mtwq4vjZ2H1qdg6sho1_500

baphomet cat



satanic cat

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Satanic Sunday Service


This looks like it was directed by Werner Herzog:

It’s creepy and endearing at the same time.

The official Halloween Chaos Countdown is just around the corner! I’m already feeling the Halloween buzzzz. Are you? Perhaps this will help:


devil kids


devilmaskk (1)





Great unbiased documentary on the history of Satan:

the arts

Twisted Tuesdays: Animated Gif Apocalypse #3

by Tracy Vanity

My Bizarro animated gif folder is overflowing. I love animated gifs. I’m fucking obsessed. They are awesome.

Enjoy the madness! Muahahahah!!!!!










fuck this


satan tv



Demon Boobs!

“A terrifyingly titillating web-series”

Demon boobs is a wonderfully low-budget web-series about two demonic floating boobs named D.D. and Donovan, with a nipple pig  (and other strange guests) making regular appearances too. It’s silly, weird, and unlike anything you’ve (probably) ever seen.

demon boobs

There’s only a vague story arc, so most of the episodes can be enjoyed on their own and at random. They’re also real short – under 3 minutes long – so these are easily digested.

Below are a few great episodes. You can find the rest here.

Episode 1 – D.D. and Donovan watch a movie and discuss a recent murder they committed.


Episode 2 – D.D. recalls a dream in which he unwillingly takes over his ex-girlfriend’s mind.


Episode 5 – The Satanic Nipple Pig mishandles getting dumped.


Episode 13 – A demonic pug has eye issues.