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A feeling has been tearing up the underground of the fiction world. It’s a nightmare reflection of the society you inhabit, a surreal explosion of pop, punk, and the post-apocalypse. Over the last decade, Bizarro Fiction has changed the definition of avant garde, it’s abolished the traditional prose of yesterday and established a new precedent for awesome. Collected in this anthology is some of the best weird fiction from the past decade. Award-winning writers, cult prodigies and burgeoning talents all collected together in one place. This is what you’ve done with the last ten years of your life.

With stories by:

D. Harlan Wilson, Alissa Nutting, Joe R. Lansdale, Carlton Mellick III, Kevin L. Donihe, Blake Butler, Ryan Boudinot, Vincent Sakowski, Cody Goodfellow, Amelia Gray, Robert Devereaux, Mykle Hansen, Athena Villaverde, Matthew Revert, Garrett Cook, Roy Kesey, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Aimee Bender, Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia, Jeremy C. Shipp, Andersen Prunty, Jedediah Berry, Andrea Kneeland, Kurt Dinan, David Agranoff, Ben Loory, Kris Saknussemm, Stephen Graham Jones, Bentley Little, David W. Barbee, and Tom Piccirilli.

Published by Eraserhead Press. Edited by Cameron Pierce.

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Flash Fiction Friday Special Roundup

In this week’s edition of Flash Fiction Friday, we would like to send you out on an adventure to discover some amazing short stories and poems around the internet. Enjoy!

“Shopping at the End of the World” by Douglas Lain (Strange Horizons)

3 flash fictions by J.A. Tyler (Red Fez)

“Alien vs. Predator” by Michael Robbins (The New Yorker)

“A Brief History of an Amputee” by Cameron Pierce (New Dead Families)

“Cardiology” by Ryan Boudinot (Five Chapters)

“Empire” by Andrea Kneeland (Everyday Genius)

“A Private View of Butt City” by Andrew James Weatherhead (Pop Serial 3)

An excerpt from “The Sugar-Frosted Nutsack” by Mark Leyner (Vice)