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Bizarro News Roundup!

Gollums, Neverending Story dragon-slaying, alien sightings, cannibalism, and yet another step towards the robot apocalypse. It’s time for a Bizarro News Roundup kids! Yee-haw!



  • UFO sighting in Montana:

  • In more alien news, a retired marine has admitted to dedicating 17 years to defending 5 human colonies against Martians. He even enjoyed a nice retirement ceremony on the moon. The 30-minute video at the source link is worth a watch.



The student waits to be rescued from the giant vagina sculpture

  • “Adelaide man Guy Albon, who had his four guns confiscated due to fears over his ‘mental competency’ brought about by him wearing a colander on his head in his gun licence photo, has been given the all clear after he insisted the utensil was crucial to his religion, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.”



  • In robot apocalypse news, Japan has unveiled a new robot newscaster among other android prototypes who will plot to destroy all humans in due time! Even with the uncanny valley shit going on, robot technology is finally reaching our Asimov expectations. Enjoy the video!


Why anyone would kill a flying luck dragon who goes after school bullies is beyond me. My thoughts are with everyone in Fantasia. This is a sad day indeed.
Credit to  for the above pic and for breaking the news and my childhood.
Never forget…

Weird Art Month: Brian Despain

By Sam Reeve

I’ve studied, learned, grown and spent a lot of time as a professional artist making a decent living doing art, but in all that time and through all those jobs I’ve learned one all important thing. It was the time I spent, like the kid at the kitchen table, creating art for no other reason than sheer wonder of it all, that I was happiest.

–Brian Despain

Visit his website here to see more of his beautiful artwork.

Bizarro News Roundup!

4 year old woman


bionic leg

  • You know I’m hitting the refresh button daily on the latest robot news. Robots are fucking awesome. This robot not only pours you drinks but can tell when you need another drink just by reading your body language! WANT!




i volunteer



clown dark

Until next time Bizarros!


Bizarro News Roundup!

The good news is there will never be a shortage of Bizarro news…



tooth fairy




  • Canadian man swallows severed human toe at a bar in Yukon and had to pay a $500 fine and leave town since now the bar can’t serve “Sourtoe Cocktails” anymore until they find another toe.  Adventurous drinkers would drink a cocktail of whiskey with the mummified toe inside and it had to touch their lips. As for the taste, one patron said: “The whisky was the only thing I could taste but the toe was like a leathery piece of jerky — with a toenail attached to it,” There are several videos at the link.

fiery nipples

drunk deer

Until next time Bizarros!

Twisted Tuesdays: Welcome Robot Overlords!

by Tracy Vanity

You know when you were a kid and were watching Terminator 2 and were like “Damn, what if that really happened?” and then you re-watched it when you were older and were like “wait a minute…” and then you watched The Matrix and shit really fucked with your head didn’t it?

Well Bizarros, the moment you’ve all been dreaming about is here! Robots are going to take over the world and destroy us all but the good thing is that at least the Robocalypse will look cool because robots are fucking awesome. At least they are much cleaner and efficient than zombies and they will clean our homes, fuck us, and serve us booze, before killing us all!


So here is the latest in Robocalypse technology:

Chinese Farmer Creates Army of Home-Made Robots

Wu Yulu, a Chinese farmer, from a small village, outside Beijing, has created a series of 47 robots, out of scrap metal. They can accomplish various functions, from drinking, to walking and even pulling a rickshaw.

…The strangest thing, about Wu Yulu, is he declared he loves his metal robots, more than he loves his own kids. He refers to his rickshaw robot as his 32nd son, and even programmed it to say “Wy Yulu is my dad, I take him out on the town.” How cool is that!


More than 70 countries already use unmanned drones – aerial vehicles that are capable of gathering intelligence, or seeking and, if necessary, eliminating targets. At present, the latter decision is still made by human operators via remote control. Human decision-making, however, seems to be waning, while unmanned fighter robots act increasingly on their own. The pilotless aircraft can already be programmed to maneuver completely autonomously. The X-47B drone is still being tested, but once it is ready for action, the aircraft will be able to conduct missions largely autonomously and without human control.

The wonderful people at DARPA just posted this cute robot:

Meet “Robbie the Robot” who is playing a game of what appears to be Simon all by himself which means he can become self-aware at any moment and destroy the planet.

Artificial Skin That’s Way More Sensitive to Touch Than The Real Thing

Scientists have created a paper-thin flexible “skin” that can detect pressure that’s a few hundred times lighter than a gentle touch. This new material could eventually make its way into artificial or robotic limbs — but for now researchers have found that it is absolutely amazing at reading a pulse.

Robotic Ants Successfully Mimic Real Colony Behavior

Scientists have successfully replicated the behaviour of a colony of ants on the move with the use of miniature robots, as reported in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. The researchers, based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, USA) and at the Research Centre on Animal Cognition (Toulouse, France), aimed to discover how individual ants, when part of a moving colony, orient themselves in the labyrinthine pathways that stretch from their nest to various food sources.

Don’t snatch! Disney Research builds robot that takes objects more naturally

Robotic fly takes off at Harvard

World’s smallest robot, Robobee, has wingspan of three centimetres

Robotic device heralds new era

It looks like a large drill, but this piece of equipment in South Canberra is no construction tool.

In years to come it may make your smartphone even smarter and help your car drive itself, with scientists believing basic global positioning technology can be accurate to the centimetre by the end of the decade.

The humanoid robot AILA (artificial intelligence lightweight android) operates a switchboard during a demonstration by the German research centre for artificial intelligence at the CeBit computer fair in Hanover

Robots are One Step Closer to Putting More Humans Out of Work

The Pentagon has released a video of a robotic arm able to handle tools well enough to nearly complete a tire change.

And while the video is new, Gill Pratt, a project manager at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), told The New York Times it’s already outdated as the team has moved on to more dexterous hands capable of actually threading a bolt

According to its site, DARPA is the “principal agency within the Department of Defense for high-risk, high-payoff research, development and demonstration of new technologies and systems that serve the warfighter and the Nation’s defense.”

Inventions to have come out of their labs include stealth fighters, remote-controlled vehicles and GPS. Furthermore, the agency played a leading role in the development of the Internet.

Despite the obvious benefits of these innovations, however, many who see the video of the robotic arm unscrewing bolts from a tire are seeing much more than a leap forward in robotics – they are seeing a world of even fewer jobs for human hands.

And how can I make a Robocalypse post without some of the latest robot news from Japan?

Japanese researchers build robot with most humanlike muscle-skeleton structure yet

Kenshiro is the next step for the researchers. Their previous effort resulted in a robot they called Kojiro – a robot that demonstrated the huge strides that have come in mimicking the human body, as well as the very long road yet to travel. In this new iteration, Kenshiro was preceded by a robot concept the team called Kenzoh. In that effort the team found that simply adding artificial muscle and bones generally tended to create weight problems. The upper body alone came to 45 kg. That caused the team to go back to the drawing board, this time with the idea of mimicking human bone and muscle at the individual body part level, i.e. a backbone, calf, or knee joint. Each part was custom designed to fall within the weight parameters of actual human limbs and other parts of the body.


WATCH: Japan’s Love Affair with Robots, Explained

In Japan, You Can Buy Your Kid A Giant Robot For $20,000

If you’re looking for something more classic, there’s a Giant 1950s robot Gygan up for sale.

Don’t worry, it seems like we’re still a few years off from being robot slave bitches, but I’d keep a close eye on what DARPA are getting into if I were you…

Till next time Bizarros!


Twisted Tuesdays: Science & Human Genetic Mutations

by Tracy Vanity


The technology that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Sorry, I don’t mean flying cars, but this is just as cool because it has to do with how you will be able to alter your own meatshell. Bionic eyes are about to hit the market, there are already some incredible bionic hands for sale, British roboticists have created a $1 million bionic man, and this moth can drive a robot using scent to find a mate. The possibilities of all this technology are indeed limitless.

But there are some humans who already have cool mutations without the need of surgery or roboticists:

“Nong Yousui, from Dahua has eyes which, it is claimed, reflect neon green when when a light is shined on them.

Nong who enjoys playing outside with his schoolmates but struggles with in bright sunlight, claims he can see perfectly clearly even in complete darkness.”


Here is a family with Unertan syndrome which has them walking on all fours:

This man from India is immune to being electrocuted.

Wim Hof, aka “The Iceman” can withstand freezing temperatures that would kill a regular human.

The oldest person alive is 115 years young. The oldest person to ever live was Jeanne Calment who lived to be 122.


Ben Underwood uses echolocation to get around without having eyes!

“AJ” the woman who cannot forget anything.

Daniel Tammet is a savant who can surpass a computer in calculations and knows 10 languages. He can learn a new language in a week.

And then there is Sarah Carmen who can have 200 orgasms a day. That actually sounds painful…

What cool mutation would you like to have? I would love to have a bionic body and computer memory so I can speak over 100 languages & kick ass at all martial arts while looking like one of those hot cylon women from Battlestar Galactica…as long as I could still die. Living forever scares me…