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Weekly Weird Art: Oliver Hibert

By Sam Reeve

Oliver Hibert’s illustrations are at once a psychedelic throwback to the art of the 60s and a surreal look into a colourful future. Born in Seattle in 1983, he started exhibiting at a very young age. With art this hard to ignore, it’s no wonder that at the age of 18 his work was used in an MTV music video. Besides MTV, Oliver has worked with the likes of Nike, Disney, Adidas (and many more).

Visit his website here to see more work.

The StairingGirl

Invisible - Gateway

Peppermint Twin

Invisible Mirror

Secret Twins




Basic RGB

Day 5: Alex Grey

By Sam Reeve

I’m running on two hours of sleep and a lot of caffeine (which I’m also allergic to), so today’s feature will be a lazy one with a very bare-bones bio. The good news is Alex Grey‘s art kicks ass so it doesn’t even matter!

Born in 1953 in Ohio, Alex Grey’s art is psychedelic, spiritual, and can be seen on the album covers for several bands, including Tool.

And that’s enough of that. (sorry)