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World Horror Cinema: Mexico

By Sam Reeve

alucarda posterTitle: Alucarda

Year: 1978

Language: English

My rating: 7/10

This forgotten classic has it all: Satanism, murder, burning crosses, demonic possession, orgies and hot lesbian action! Despite being a Mexican film, Alucarda was originally filmed in English and many copies you’ll find today have even been dubbed over with new English dialogue. It sparked controversy upon its release for the imagery and themes, but has maintained a healthy following throughout the years.

Justine, a teenage orphan, arrives at a convent and is instantly befriended by Alucarda, a mischievous girl of the same age. They romp around the countryside together, meet gypsies, make a blood oath to die together, and then unleash evil forces in an abandoned church – all on Justine’s first day. The two girls become possessed by Satan and wreak havoc on the convent and its inhabitants.

alucarda 2 alucardaThe film was by no means high quality in terms of acting, dialogue, or really anything, but did that lessen the enjoyment? Hell no! Alucarda is a gem, a ridiculous gaudy gem that you’d find at a thrift store and never want to let go of. The final scene when everything gets lit on fire and all the nuns are running around like mad – genius. The worst part of the whole movie is the screaming, which there’s a lot of, but everything else is fun and crazy. Also, if you like female nudity, there’s a lot of that, and sometimes they even make out. It definitely makes up for the lack of sexy nuns, because they literally dress like Egyptian mummies (see below).

alucarda 5

alucarda 3So, hopefully you’ve been convinced that this is a must-see horror film, but if you’re still unsure, check out the clip below. Lots of fluffy hair and nuns who appear to be wrapped in bacon. Below that is the full movie, dubbed over in English for unknown reasons.

Have you seen Alucarda? Let us know what you think in a comment below!

Day 16: Noroi – The Curse (2005)

By Sam Reeve

Halfway through Japanese Horror Month, and thank goodness, because I got my obsession with Japan out of my system about a week ago. Lordy lordy…

Today’s featured film is Noroi (The Curse), directed by Koji Shiraishi. It’s a “found footage” film that reminded me a lot of The Poughkeepsie Tapes, so if you enjoyed that style, you’ll dig this too.

Noroi starts off with a narrator telling us about Mr. Kobayashi, a documentary filmmaker who follows stories of paranormal activity. The narrator tells us that Mr. Kobayashi has finished making a documentary called Noroi, but that several days after its completion his house was burnt down. His wife’s body was found inside, but Mr. Kobayashi himself was missing.

The “found footage” part of it that consisted of Mr. Kobayashi’s own film starts with him helping a woman who hears terrible noises coming from her neighbour’s house each night. The neighbour, a crazy woman with a young son, screams at Mr. Kobayashi when he attempts to interview her. The crazy woman moves away shortly after, but two days after the move the normal woman and her daughter die in a car crash.

Mr. Kobayashi follows up on more strange cases, and finds that they’re all linked, often because of this crazy lady. Everything leads back to a small village where sorcerers had performed rituals to summon the demon Kagutaba.

As the filmmaker and his cameraman get deeper and deeper into the history of this curse and those it affects, things get creepier and more dangerous for them. People start dying, go missing or randomly commit suicide, all due to some curse that has touched their lives. Of course because this movie starts with telling us how things ended for Mr. Kobayashi, we know it doesn’t go anywhere good for anyone.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: I found this movie to be pretty damn good. I don’t always like the “found footage” movies, since a few well-known bad ones have really soured it for me (I’m looking at you, Blair With Project), but Noroi was surprisingly good. Noroi was incredibly suspenseful despite being fairly low on the visuals of creepy stuff. It made you think creepy ghosts or demons were gunna pop up on the video more often than it really did, and I was on edge for much of its duration. This movie had me drawn in and creeped enough that I couldn’t even get out of bed to answer my phone or pee until it was over.

The twists and turns the complicated plot takes you on are pretty damn interesting, as were the multitude of characters we met throughout. Mr. Kobayashi was a character who really didn’t tell us much about himself, but through his actions you can see he’s a pretty normal, good guy who wants to help out these terrified people. He was actually pretty admirable I thought.

Below I’ve posted the full movie, which you can watch on Youtube with English subtitles. I recommend viewing it in HD since it’s already such a poor-quality video, and would likely look insanely grainy otherwise. Enjoy!