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Weird Art Month: Matt Leines

By Sam Reeve

Strange creatures, geometric shapes, and lots of lines and colour. This is what you’ll find in Matt Leines’ artwork. This talented illustrator was born and raised in Totowa, New Jersey, but has since escaped to Brooklyn. See more of his work here, or check out his Etsy shop to buy cool prints, t-shirts and other fun stuff.

Weird Art Month: José Luis Carranza

By Sam Reeve

For those who missed the announcement or have just stumbled on Bizarro Central for the first time, December is Weird Art Month. I started it two years ago to cope with this month because 1) fuck rain, which is all we get in December where I live, and 2) fuck Christmas and all its bullshit. A different artist will be featured each day, and together we can ride out this blackest of months on a wave of weirdness.

To kick things off I bring you José Luis Carranza, a young artist from Lima, Peru. His vibrant portraits are reminiscent of zombies or disease, but beautiful nonetheless. He’s been trained in the styles of many of the great renaissance artists, but luckily for us he brings something much different to the canvas. Visit his website here to see more of his work, but be warned that it’s all in Spanish.

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Weekly Weird Art: Christian Rex van Minnen

By Sam Reeve

Christian Rex van Minnen’s paintings are grotesque, beautiful and colourful in all the right amounts. Born in 1980 in Providence, RI, this young artist’s work has garnered a lot of attention since he started exhibiting his work in 2009. One look at the paintings below, and it’s no wonder. They stand out.

If  the gallery below hasn’t satiated you, visit Christian’s website here. You can also read this awesome interview and learn more about him.

Weekly Weird Art: Fernando Vincente

By Sam Reeve

If you like hot, classy ladies….and also anatomical diagrams, well hot damn, this is the artist for you! Fernando Vincente‘s portraits actually remind me of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s story The League of Zeroes (from Angel Dust Apocalypse), the one where removing your lips to show off your teeth is a popular body modification for ladies. Anyway, these weird dames are not to be missed.

Mr. Vincente comes from Madrid, Spain, and totally rules. That’s all you need to know for now.

Day 29: Danny van Ryswyk

By Sam Reeve

Danny van Ryswyk‘s digital portraits are like a bizarre take on those from the Victorian era. I’m normally not a huge fan of digital art, but I’ve found myself a fan of Danny’s. He was born in 1972 in the Netherlands and once saw a UFO, something that he says has greatly influenced his work.

Strange Days Have Found Us

The World Within

The Wondrous


White Rabbit

Day 21: Spunky Zoe

By Sam Reeve

Spunky Zoe was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She went to New York to get her BFA and then returned to Korea. Her real name is Seungyea Park.











Day 8: Oleg Dou

By Sam Reeve

For the sake of contrast, today I’m bringing you the more subtly strange and anemic work of Oleg Dou. You can see yesterday’s crazy and colourful artwork here.

Oleg is a young artist hailing from Moscow, Russia. Instead of typing up some stuff about him I’d like to share this video I found. It was created by Adobe as “soft” advertisement, since Oleg uses their programs to create his pieces, but the video really is just him talking about his life and what inspires him, and there’s lots of footage of him working and hanging out around Moscow.