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Twisted Tuesdays: The Beautifully Fucked Up Comics of Joan Cornellà

by Tracy Vanity

No dialogue and pure lulz, Joan Cornellà makes the most incredible comics I’ve ever seen. Joan hails from Spain and has a really fucked up sense of humor that I can relate to. You can follow him on facebook, twitter or see & purchase more amazing comics and art at Joan’s Cornellà website. I’ll post my favorites:

BTW Happy Birthday to Carlton Mellick III!

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Weekly Weird Art: Casey Weldon

By Sam Reeve

Casey Weldon comes from southern California, but now works out of Brooklyn. He paints a lot of four-eyed cats. You can see more of his work on his website, and also on his tumblr. His tumblr is really worth it if you’re interested in an artist’s process, as he  posts pictures of his work at different stages.

Weekly Weird Art: Alex Gross

By Sam Reeve

Alex Gross currently works in Los Angeles and has exhibited his work around the world. You can find more of his artwork here.

Here’s a little about what influences and inspires his work:

The world that I live in is both spiritually profound and culturally vapid. It is extremely violent but can also be extremely beautiful. Globalization and technology are responsible for wonderfully positive changes in the world as well as terrible tragedy and homogeneity. This dichotomy fascinates me, and naturally influences much of my work.

original-sin alex gross



jaundice alex gross

lanvin alex gross

last_judgement alex gross

signals - alex gross

medusa alex gross

prada alex gross