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Day 15: Wiesław Wałkuski

By Sam Reeve

You may be able to tell from the name that Wiesław Wałkuski is Polish. Last year, when featuring Zdzisław Beksiński, I looked up Polish phonetics and how to read the language so that I could say his name right. This knowledge has come in handy once again! SO, it’s said approximately like Vee-swav Vaw-kuski. The W is like the German one in that it’s a V sound, and the weird L with the slash through it is a W sound.

And now that that’s out of the way…Wiesław was born in 1956 in Poland. He studied graphic design at the Warsaw Academy of Art and now works as a poster designer and freelance artist. He’s actually won a ton of awards for his amazing and strange posters for both theatre productions and films.

wieslaw walkuski

wieslaw 2

danton poster






Day 20: Zdzisław Beksiński

By Sam Reeve

So, the first thing that most people think (maybe just me?) when seeing Zdzisław Beksiński‘s name is “How the hell do I pronounce that?” SO I looked up Polish phonetics and figured that shit out. Z-JIH-SWAV BECK-SHINKY. Close enough, anyway. Just remember that the weird-looking L sounds like our W and their W is our V.

Anyway, Zdzisław was born in southern Poland in 1929. He was always uninterested in people’s interpretations of his work and said himself that he didn’t understand the meanings of his paintings. In the 90’s he started using computers to create digital art, but I’m really more of a fan of his paintings (you’ll see a couple at the end). In 2005 Zdzisław was murdered by his caretaker’s son. Apparently he had been asked for a loan and had refused.

Click here to see a full gallery of his work. The site is in Polish, but it’s not hard to figure out.