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Today’s roundup of podcasts every weirdo should listen to includes FIVE different shows with a veritable smorgasbord of strangeness…


BIZZONG! talks with NBAS 2018 author Larissa Glasser about her experience at BizarroCon 2017. Then we dig into her book, the first of the new crop of New Bizarro Authors for 2018, and the road it traveled to publication.


What does Mathematics, Surrealism, Architecture & Bizarro Fiction have in common? Pedro Proença & Brian Auspice! Two weird writers for the price of one, on this episode of GET LIT WITH LEZA


UNREASONABLY HANDSOME, where Michael Allen Rose and Danger Slater discuss the following: Dickensian street urchins. Hoverboards. Wet dreams. Umami sheets. Sleep paralysis. Jesus camp. Pink eye. The true shape of nipples. Sleepovers. Michael vs. The Dream Blob. Pie in bed.


The latest episode of the brand spanking new LUCAS MANGUM SHOW takes a look at the film Slashed Dreams (1975) becomes a larger discussion about rape culture when author and editor Garrett Cook stops by The Mangum Show


And, of course, a new episode of JOHN WAYNE LIED TO YOU titled “Why You Trippin?” Listen to John Wayne Comunale tell the truest lies you’ve ever heard, this time about partying his common sense off.

Podcastlandia! Listen While You Live!

Here at Bizarro Central we like to keep you up to date with all the weird podcasts that you can listen to while you work, drive, eat, sleep, or fuck. Behold your listening options…

UNREASONABLY HANDSOME: Stephen Hawking: The Andy Kaufman of physicists. Cats vs. apples. Ben Franklin writes an angry letter to the sun. Having sex with your doppelganger. Time dilation. Whoreologists. Assaulting Issac Newton. Time traveling sex tourism. Cleopatra brings back the McRib. What REALLY happens underneath the Kennedy compound. Listen here!


JOHN WAYNE LIED TO YOU: The latest ficto-realistic ramblings from John Wayne Comunale, who definitely won’t lie to you! Listen here!


GET LIT WITH LEZA: Leza Cantoral interviews Daniel Knauf, screenwriter, comic book writer, director, producer of The Blacklist, and perhaps best known for the HBO series Carnivàle.  “This was not an interview, it was a conversation. Anyone who listens should project themselves into their favorite bar and pull up a chair to eavesdrop.” -Daniel Knauf. Listen here!


BIZZONG: This week on Bizzong! Frank Edler speaks with editor of Orciny Press. Hugo Camacho has been translating Bizarro books from English to Spanish to make them accessible to the Spanish speaking world. It is a monumental task and Mr. Frank wants to spotlight the work Hugo is doing to draw more attention to this important work in spreading Bizarro globally. Viva El Bizarro! Listen here!


Staff Picks: Zombies!

A hole has been left in many people’s Sunday evenings with the recent season finale of The Walking Dead, so we here at Bizarro Central are sharing our favourite zombie-themed media in hopes of satiating your lust for all things undead.

Jeff Burk:

Dead Set – a BBC miniseries about a the zombie apocalypse happening and what happens to people filming a reality TV show.

Crossed – a super violent and sadistic comic series created by Garth Ennis and now a rotating list of writers.


Lollipop Chainsaw – a video game were you play a zombie-killing cheerleader. Written by James Gunn (of Slither, Super, and Troma fame).

Constance Ann Fitzgerald:

Zombie Honeymoon – because I love a tragic love story littered with dead things, a few jokes, and some solid gore.


Fido – zombies = pets!

Dawn of the Dead (2004) –  because really, gore FX just keep getting better! And I loved Sarah Polly.

Zombie Strippers – I really thought it was going to be terrible. It was actually fucking awesome. Plus the world’s deadliest “ping pong ball trick”.

zombie strippers

Sam Reeve:

We’re Alive – a zombie podcast the just finished its third season. It follows a group of survivors originally from LA as they fight with some seriously scary zombies (and people). High-quality podcast with good actors and sound effects. Features smart zombies and mutated ones!

Zombies and Shit – my favourite Carlton Mellick III book. “Battle Royale meets Return of the Living Dead in a post-apocalyptic action adventure.”