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Podcastlandia: Listen Like You were There!

Today’s installment of Podcastlandia presents another episode of JOHN WAYNE LIED TO YOU, where Old Man Comunale has a senior moment and accidentally deletes the episode. Not to worry, it was reposted and you can listen to a brand new story and John Wayne’s recap of BizarroCon 2017.


And as a bonus, a new podcast has been created by Lucas Mangum and his lovely wife Jean! The Mangum Show will review shows and movies, plus guests, readings, interviews and more! Check it out here. You know you want to. Just look at them adorable faces.


And finally, horror writers Brian Keene, Lesley Conner, Mary SanGiovanni, Damien Angelica Walters, J.P. Sloan, and our very own weirdo Eric Hendrixson all appeared on the latest episode of Eating the Fantastic.











Podcastlandia, featuring Unreasonably Handsome

We here at Bizarro Central like to keep up with all the weird podcasts out there (especially the ones that are OUT THERE), and now we’re happy to present you with a new podcast created by bizarro alums Michael Allen Rose and Danger Slater. It is very humbly called UNREASONABLY HANDSOME…


…and you can check it out here!

Enter the Bizarro Multi-media-verse

Here at Bizarro Central we like to keep you up to date on what our weirdos are doing out in the internet. Casting their Pods and Tubing their Yous, if you will.


First up is Michael Allen Rose’s REVIEW ME PLEASE, the latest episode of which stars MAR and PJ (who is not the cat pictured above… or is he?) discussing the Gorillaz album “Demon Days” along with green tea and generalized insanity.


And for podcast listeners, you can’t do much better than THE DANGER AND LISA SHOW, an ongoing display of utter ridiculousness from one of bizarro’s most interesting couples. Catch up with them and hear their thoughts on Copyright Infringement, then check out all of their previous episodes and some from the future as well. Danger Slater is one of my favorite bizarro writers, and Lisa ain’t bad, either.