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Weird Art Month: Brian Despain

By Sam Reeve

I’ve studied, learned, grown and spent a lot of time as a professional artist making a decent living doing art, but in all that time and through all those jobs I’ve learned one all important thing. It was the time I spent, like the kid at the kitchen table, creating art for no other reason than sheer wonder of it all, that I was happiest.

–Brian Despain

Visit his website here to see more of his beautiful artwork.

Weird Art Month: Kristofer Porter

By Sam Reeve

So how have you all been handling the year’s blackest month thus far? Since I don’t celebrate xmas and don’t live with anyone, I’ve been handling it rather well, mostly, though I do have to hear the music when I go grocery shopping. Grinchyness aside, it still is the blackest month of the year what with no sun and all. Weird art therapy is what good Doctor Sam prescribes, and if you’ve missed any of this month’s posts you can scroll through all of them by clicking the little blue link below that says “weird art month” or “weird art”.

Today I bring you Kristofer Porter, a California-born illustrator and painter who now resides in Brooklyn. Some of his drawings are so detailed it makes my head swim just thinking about the time he must’ve spent on them. The majority of Porter’s work is strictly black and white, but he’s still a skilled man when he decides to work with colour. If the sample below doesn’t satiate your appetite for the weird, check out his tumblr here.

Weird Art Month: Jeff Soto

By Sam Reeve

Jeff Soto took graffiti to the next level with his strange creatures and robots. The California-born artist started tagging walls in the late 80’s and formed a graffiti crew with some fellow high schoolers. Fast forward 20 years and Soto has painted murals from New York to Tokyo and has exhibited his work all over the US.

Check out Jeff Soto’s website here for more of his work, or his store to buy cool prints and t-shirts.

Weird Art Month: David Normal

By Sam Reeve

I was going to open this with a real groaner of a joke about David’s last name, but I stopped myself. You’re welcome.

David Normal started his art career at the age of 16 making punk flyers in SanFrancisco. He later got involved with theatre, photography, animation, and even created a large-scale art installation at Burning Man in 2010. Since 2008 his focus has been on painting, a sampling of which is below.

Weird Art Month: Agostino Arrivabene

By Sam Reeve

Agostino Arrivabene’s paintings look like relics from some kind of nuclear wasteland, warped by time and radiation, but really the dude’s just talented as hell and often paints on wood instead of canvas. He lives near Milan, Italy, and lives like a hermit with just his dog and his art. The solitary and calm life he lives translates to the paintings.

Below you’ll find a sample of his work, but I highly recommend his website, and his tumblr is also really great if you like seeing paintings in progress.

Weird Art Month: Jim Tozzi

By Sam Reeve

Jim Tozzi of the band/art collective PFFR totally rules! You may not be familiar with his art, but maybe you’ve seen the ultra bizarro animated show Xavier: Renegade Angel? If you haven’t, check out the episode below. It’s quite a trip. PFFR created the show, whose main character (Xavier) was based on one of his paintings.


Jim grew up near Boston, Massachusetts but now resides in New York. He once directed a music video for the band Mercury Rev that featured Ron Jeremy as a sex god in space. You can view it here.

Weird Art Month: Wayne Barlowe

By Sam Reeve

I’ve been a fan of Wayne Barlowe’s since I was a little kid. Besides painting and sketching some of the craziest creatures and beings you’ll ever see, he did some paleoart for a book I had called Alphabet of Dinosaurs. The picture below is the one I remember best. Those damn eyes…

wayne barlowe

Anyway, Barlowe has done concept art for some pretty major projects like Pacific Rim, John Carter and The Hobbit. His ability to thrust you into a totally alien world and make it all feel real is kind of trippy. After checking out the gallery below, visit his website here to see more work. You won’t regret it.