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Madeleine Swann wants you to FREAK HER OUT!

It’s October and Madeleine Swann wants weird stuff for Halloween! Send her links, videos, or other strange, spooky things via email ( and she’ll react to it in an upcoming video on her YouTube channel! See her video request below. This is a lady who wants to be weirded out! Help her out, bizarros!

Weekly Weird Art: William Basso

By Sam Reeve

When I first saw William Basso’s Halloween-themed work I thought I should save this for October, and then I decided to hell with that! It’s like when those mattress warehouses have “Christmas in July” sales, only it’s Halloween, and in April…and better.


Now, without further ado, the work of William Basso. Click here to see more.

basso 2 basso 3 basso MASQUE2_ART basso mixed media haunted master basso PALE_THING_ART basso