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World Horror Cinema: Brazil

By Sam Reeve

strange_world_of_coffin_joeTitle: The Strange World of Coffin Joe

Year: 1968

Language: Portuguese

My rating: 6/10

Coffin Joe is the alter ego of the Brazilian horror legend José Marins. He has appeared in many of his own films as this character, but despite the title, Coffin Joe is not present in this anthology of short horror tales. He does, however, make an appearance in the third segment as an evil professor with a seriously bad wig and eyebrow combo.

Fun fact: Coffin Joe and the professor both have extremely long fingernails, which are real. Marins would grow them out several inches for his movies.

The first tale is of a doll maker and his daughters, whose shop is broken into by some young hooligans looking for money and sex. The second is a dialogue-free story about a hobo/balloon vendor who becomes obsessed with a woman and follows her around for some time, even breaking into her tomb once she dies. The third is about a crazy professor (played by Marins) who tortures people into agreeing with/proving his theory that animal instincts are ever-present in people and love isn’t real.

the-strange-world-of-coffin-joeI thought the first and third segments were the best, though the middle one had some redeeming moments that were quite funny. All three had a lot of T&A, to the point of it being truly hilarious. Many times the camera followed someone who walked past it and zoomed in on their ass, and I’m pretty sure once it was a guy. The special effects and sets were low-budget and pretty cheesy, but laughing at those bits made the slow parts bearable. Over all, it’s worth seeing, especially knowing what a legend José Marins is in the horror genre.

Below is the full movie with English subtitles. Feel free to skip to the 6-minute mark, as the intro and opening credits were almost unbearably long and boring.

Weekly Weird Art: Oliver Hibert

By Sam Reeve

Oliver Hibert’s illustrations are at once a psychedelic throwback to the art of the 60s and a surreal look into a colourful future. Born in Seattle in 1983, he started exhibiting at a very young age. With art this hard to ignore, it’s no wonder that at the age of 18 his work was used in an MTV music video. Besides MTV, Oliver has worked with the likes of Nike, Disney, Adidas (and many more).

Visit his website here to see more work.

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