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Twisted Tuesdays: Creepy Animation Film Festival


Time to visit the Bizarro part of youtube again, this time exploring the wonderful world of creepy animation. There are some talented, twisted animators out there. Enjoy!

If you have a favorite twisted animation, please share it in the comments. I recommend everything by M dot Strange and Cyriak!


Twisted Tuesdays: Dream Dream Dream

Almost 3 months until Halloween! Muahaha!

wale up

While I try to come up with an epic Halloween countdown for Bizarro this year, let’s delve into Twisted Tuesday shall we?

I believe that dreams reflect something about your psyche that you don’t consciously realize. All the loose ends of your day and your life are being pieced together and processed as you sleep and you end up seeing images and experiencing things that might not make any sense but do have meaning. Dreams can give you clues on how to resolve problems you may have or help make decisions you have been mulling over. Dreams can also just be mindfucking the shit out of you which is always fun.

Curious to delve into the Bizarro psyche, I asked the Bizarro Cult to tell me the last dream they remember. There answers were very entertaining. Here’s what they said:

Michael Allen Rose (Author of Party Wolves in my Skull)

The last dream I had…
I was standing around in a strange blue room – maybe a locker room – looking at myself in the mirror, trying to see if I had any muscles left from my 20’s, flexing my arms and such. I was suddenly surrounded by other guys. No scary machismo or anything, but these guys all had huge muscles. I felt a little underwhelming just then, so to break the ice, I complimented one of the guys on his biceps. He looked at me oddly, and then when I looked again, I realized that he was now missing an arm. They were all missing arms. Muscles or not, at least I still had both my arms.

Ross E. Lockhart (Tales of Jack the Ripper

Oddly enough, I dreamed about the Little Red Shed at the Edgefield last night. Is it November yet?

Brandon Armstrong (The Deadhead Shelters)

Funny you ask cause last night in my dreams I basically went into every shop in my neighborhood, started a fight with the owners and got lifetime bans from each place. A pretty vivid and disappointing dream

John Skipp (Latest story can be found In Heaven, Everything Is Fine: Fiction Inspired by David Lynch)

In the dream, I was at a great elegant garden party. Pretty much fun, as I recall, until someone said, “Look! A lion!” So I looked up, and there on the ridge, behind a wire fence, was this mountain lion, beautiful and powerful and big as a man.

And I thought wow, I’m glad that fence is there…suddenly it was climbing onto the top branches of the enormous tree I was standing beside — the tree that led straight down into the garden party — which is where the lion went…and there was a woman standing beside me, who I stood in front of as I backed us both up, feeling the enormous cat brush against my legs, then move past, deeper into the party, hundreds of people parting to make way.

And there, behind them, was my dog Scoob.

And I went, “Fuck! SCOOB!” and started to run, looking for a branch I could use as a weapon. And there were sticks, but they were spindly. I couldn’t kill a fucking duck with those things, much less a mountain lion.

So I scoop up the pointiest one I could find, and keep running…and the mountain lion is on its hind legs, holding Scoob up by the throat. And I cannot get there fast enough…

Next thing I know, Scoob is in the pond that suddenly appeared. And I think, “Oh, thank God! It won’t follow her into the water…”

And then I’m staring at my ceiling. Going FUCK. And running downstairs to hug my dog. Who was fine.

Steve Lowe (You Are Sloth!)

Two nights ago, I shared a taco with Bruce Greenwood, circa 13 DAYS. Shared, as in, he ate from one end while I ate from the other.

Gary Arthur Brown (Kitten)

I had dream last week that I was in an Emergency Room, and I wasn’t sure why, but I knew something was really wrong with me. I kept going to the counter to explain my symptoms, but they just kept poo-pooing me because I wasn’t making myself sound sick enough. Then I realized that I must have a hernia, which by dream logic, could explain all the symptoms. So I go back to the counter to explain about the hernia, and this kielbasa-sized piece of intestine shoots out from near my groin and starts wriggling around like an eel on a line. And the attendant looks at me and says, very calmly, “Okay. We’ll get you seen pretty soon.”

Constance Ann Fitzgerald (Trashland A Go-Go)

I often dream of crowded places like futuristic shopping malls and there being a sudden panic where everyone is running around trying to escape from something. I never see it.
Except when I used to ja those super vivid dreams about tsunamis.

Once it was a water park and there was a zombie outbreak. That was kind of fun.

In the most recent dream I was throwing all of my possessions into a small red sedan. Trying to get the fuck out of wherever I was. I went to load a large item into the back seat and the car started moving. I just sat down and let it happen. I looked to my left and seated next to me in the car was a skeleton hooked up to an EKG machine. It flatlined and I stared at it for a moment before reaching over to shut it off. Just to make the beeping stop.

Then it sat up and pointed a bony finger at me and said “I’m dying and you don’t even care!”

The car stopped and I grabbed one suitcase from the pile and went into this really nice house where the hall was filled with art and statues. Loaded. All of them catholic imagery. My mom showed up with my dad (who is a redhead, but in the dream he had dark brown hair) and i told them that my new place was shitty, small and right around the corner so I would probably be spending a lot of time here.

Sam Reeve (Bizarro editor, bear wrangler, and owner of a new robot ninja eye)

The other night I had a terrifying dream about being on a cargo ship that was sinking in a storm. Probably was inspired by Life of Pi which I saw a few months back. Shitty dream.

CV Hunt (Thanks For Ruining My Life)

I had a dream less than a week ago that Sam Reeve was on trial, but I don’t know for what. She was found guilty and her punishment was to be tied to the edge of a yellow inflatable raft by her ankles, face down in the water of a muddy river.

There were corpse tied to the raft with her and I was in the raft. I freed her, but we were being followed by a group of men that made Sam get in a cage on the raft. Every so often we were forced by the group of men to pull the raft onto the edge of the river and run some type of obstacle course. Then the men would chase us back to our raft.

At one point our raft turned into plexiglass and I started yelling, “I’m gonna sink this mother fucker!” We pulled the raft over and there was a slide like the type you see at the big water parks, but it was covered in snow and people were driving their cars on it.

Sam and I pulled the raft out of the water and started dragging it up the steps to take it on the slide. A guy who looked like Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit offered to help us carry the raft, but he left bloody hand prints on everything he touched. I then realized the guy was going to kill us and we took off running down the steps, but the group of guys following us were at the bottom and they were all wearing Hawaiian shirts.

They started escorting us into a building. The guys were laughing at us and suddenly everything slowed down, frozen, then faded to black. My vision panned out and I realized I was sitting on my sofa watching a movie with Andy. I turned to Andy and said, “I didn’t like that movie.”

Then I woke up. I have fucked up dreams.

Nikki Guerlain (Soul trapper)

I had a dream last night that I woke up in bed with light shining out from my eyes as if I had a lantern in my skull and I was surrounded by dark blurry people and I shot up screaming, “There’s something inside me! There’s something inside me!” Only I knew it wasn’t me that was screaming but something inside me referring to me being inside it.

Wow you guys are fucked up! No wonder I love you.


So Bizarros, what was your last dream about? Have you ever had a lucid dream? Those are fun!