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Bizarro Moments in Hip Hop—KRUEGER RAPS

Rappers love Freddy Krueger. The Fresh Prince rapped about him. Nicki Minaj wore his glove in a video. There is a Wu Tang affiliated rapper named Dreddy Krueger. My favorite was when the Fat Boys put out a song called ARE YOU READY FOR FREDDY. Krueger actually raps in the song. It’s amazing. The Fat Boys are rowdy as hell. Not many rappers can say they got to rap with a fictional dream demon. That’s some real shit. —-Grimbol

Day 18: Steve Seeley

By Sam Reeve

Normally I’m not super into art that portrays celebrities. It can be a cop-out for true weirdness and just a gimmick for garnering more attention. Steve Seeley‘s work, however, has won me over. I was sold upon seeing the first image below. Luckily for those who still hate celebrity-inspired art, not all his work is like that. Enjoy!


Batman and Miley Cyrus

Olsen Twin with Dog

Miley Cyrus Bear


nicki minaj dog legs

Imperious Leader

Imperial Two Headed Dragon

Fighter Bear

corpse paint animals

heavy metal animals

In 2004 Steve started something he calls “The Creature Project”. It’s an ongoing project of altering the cover of Dell/ Whitman’s UFO Flying Saucers #5, originally published in 1975. Below are a few pieces.

creature project 5

creature project 10

creature project_07

creature project 27