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World Horror Cinema: Italy

By Sam Reeve

black sabbath posterTitle: Black Sabbath

Year: 1963

Language: Italian

My rating: 6.5/10

Directed by the legendary Mario Bava, Black Sabbath is quite a noteworthy horror anthology film. The piece titled The Wurdulak stars the equally legendary Boris Karloff, and all the actresses from the movie are total babes. You can’t go wrong!

Fun fact: the famous band Black Sabbath apparently named themselves after this film.

In The Telephone we have a beautiful woman who’s terrorized by phone calls and a vengeful acquaintance. In The Wurdulak, Boris Karloff comes back as a vampire and attacks his family of peasants. Our final piece, The Drop of Water, is a ghostly tale about a nurse who steals a ring from a dead woman and gets haunted.

All three are fairly suspenseful and well acted, but the final one was probably the creepiest. The lady’s corpse had a pretty terrifying expression on her face:

black sabbathThere you have it! Check out this trailer, or watch the full movie below with English subtitles. Enjoy!

World Horror Cinema: Norway

By Sam Reeve

lakeofthedead_sweTitle: Lake of the Dead (De dødes tjern)

Year: 1958

Language: Norwegian

My rating: 8/10

Often cited as the best Norwegian horror film, and by many critics is considered one of the best Norwegian films overall, Lake of the Dead would now seem more a murder mystery than a true horror. Regardless of its classification, Lake of the Dead has a great story and cast, and plenty of murder and creepiness to keep you satisfied.

Lillian, her fiance Harald, and four of their friends go to visit her brother Bjorn at his cabin in the woods. When they arrive, he isn’t there, and they soon discover his dog’s body and some strange tracks suggesting he threw himself into the lake. A local policeman tells them the story surrounding the lake: many years before, almost to that very day, a man who loved his sister murdered her and her lover before drowning himself in the lake, too. He owned the cabin and is said to haunt those who spend the night.

Strange things start happening, like Lillian being called to throw herself in the lake while sleeping, and soon the group figures out they’re not alone in those woods. They band together to solve the mystery and catch their terrorizer, but will they figure it out before they get picked off? You’ll have to find out…

lake of the dead bjornLake of the Dead was a great mystery/horror if you’re a fan of the old black and white stuff. It’s certainly not too scary by modern standards, but it’s a nice break to see some classy Norskis romping around in sweaters and solving the mystery instead of being hacked to bits when they get caught humping. There’s a fair bit of comic relief, witty dialogue and a damned good mystery that I certainly never would’ve solved, so I loved it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a trailer or any clips to share, but the full movie is below for your viewing pleasure. Seen this classic? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Dilation Exercise 78

In an effort to promote my new novel, A PARLIAMENT OF CROWS, released by Lazy Fascist Press, I created the Dilation Exercise below to expand the story beyond the end of the novel. The novel is inspired by the three infamous Wardlaw sisters.

Need a further explanation? Go to Imagination Workout—The Dilation Exercises.

When Vertiline found herself in the cemetery, she realized she was dead.

If Mary had also become a crow after death, and Vertiline could find her, she had an idea for how they might end their sister, Carolee’s, reign of terror.

—Alan M. Clark
Eugene, Oregon

If you like Alan M. Clark’s artwork, please try his writing in both short fiction and novels.

Artwork: “A familiar Crow” copyright © 2008 Alan M. Clark. Cover art for VINTAGE SOULS by David Niall Wilson, published by Five Star.

Captions are original to this post and have nothing to do with the literary project with which the artwork first appeared.

Twisted Tuesdays: Epic FUCK CHRISTMAS Post, AKA Happy Horrormas!

by Tracy Vanity

happy horrormas

To say I’m not a fan of Christmas would be an understatement. I’m dedicating this Twisted Tuesday to posting soothing images, videos, and songs to get myself, and anyone else who fucking hates Christmas, through this horrible fucking day.

santa burning

This post is dedicated to FUCK CHRISTMAS!





santa wizard

happy horrormas 2


Since Christmas sucks, I’m celebrating HORRORMAS! It’s basically Halloween with a Christmas theme. I recommend a Horrormas movie marathon of Jack Frost, Black Christmas (1974 version), Silent Night Deadly Night, and Don’t Open Till Christmas. Any other Horrormas films you recommend?

zombie santa

Tales from the Crypt has a great Horromas themed episode called “And All Through the House.” You can watch the whole episode right here:

There’s even a tales from the Crypt Christmas album! I just found out right now.

The “Unholy Night” episode from American Horror Story is awesome too. The entire 2nd season is incredible. I have a fetish for nuns and mental institutions but who doesn’t?


I’m starting to feel better already. This cheap Thai rum is helping too.


Axe murdering Santas do put me in good spirits.


As always, Cyriak captures the true spirit of Horrormas with his incredible 2012 Horrormas video card.

Happy Horrormas Bizarro!

Dilation Exercise 74

In an effort to promote my new novel, A PARLIAMENT OF CROWS, released by Lazy Fascist Press, I created the Dilation Exercise below using an excerpt from the novel. The novel is inspired by the three infamous Wardlaw sisters. This Dilation Exercise breaks my rule of only two lines of caption.

In the late fall of 1898, persuaded by his mother that suicide was his best course of action, James boarded a train headed for Louisville, Kentucky with the intention of leaping from the locomotive at a great speed and dashing his brains out on the rough ballast around the tracks. He leapt shortly after the train left the station in Christiansboro, before much speed had accumulated. He broke a leg in the fall and was a burden to the family until he healed many months later.

Spring of 1900, James leapt into the well, but he thrashed about and cried so long and hard for help that trying to ignore him became an embarrassment, and a rescue commenced. With each attempt on his life, the activity and drama served only to draw unwanted attention from the parents of the college students and from folks in town.

—Alan M. Clark
Eugene, Oregon

If you like Alan M. Clark’s artwork, please try his writing in both short fiction and novels.

Artwork: “Down the Hole (revised)” copyright © 2001 Alan M. Clark.