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Weird Art Month: Jeff Soto

By Sam Reeve

Jeff Soto took graffiti to the next level with his strange creatures and robots. The California-born artist started tagging walls in the late 80’s and formed a graffiti crew with some fellow high schoolers. Fast forward 20 years and Soto has painted murals from New York to Tokyo and has exhibited his work all over the US.

Check out Jeff Soto’s website here for more of his work, or his store to buy cool prints and t-shirts.

Weekly Weird Art: Daan Botlek

By Sam Reeve

***With today’s post I’m experimenting with inserting a gallery instead of just inserting a bunch of pictures, so I’d love to get feedback in the comments below about which you prefer!

Dutch artist Daan Botlek creates some wonderfully odd street art and murals, but also does illustrations and commissions. You can see his work around the world – earlier this year he participated in the Bukruk Street Art Festival in Bangkok, Thailand!




Weekly Weird Art: Ron English

By Sam Reeve

Ron English is an American pop artist and culture jammer extraordinaire. English’s work has gained widespread notoriety, and his likeness even appeared on an episode of The Simpsons.

Below you’ll find examples of his street art, fine art and also the bizarre toys he creates. Visit his site to see more!

Ron English portrait toy

01_RaisingtheBrow ron english CowgirlMcDonalds ron english hailmarydetail1 ron english mcmilkshake ron english painting_marilynCartoon ron english pair of pears ron english ron english sharks Bar

cereal boxes on shelf LA SM_1 ron english street art diet coke wall queens ny ron english street art mural3 ron english street art

BLACK_MCSUPERSIZE  ron english toy

Day 30: Eduardo Bertone

By Sam Reeve


Weird Art Month is almost over, but we’ve already made it past the Black Day, and hopefully most of you did so unscathed.

Eduardo Bertone is an illustrator and graphic designer. He was born and raised in Argentina despite being an Italian citizen, but since then has spent time living in Spain and the UK. He has done graphic design for a lot of big name companies and organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund and Stolichnaya Vodka.

Below you’ll find an assortment of his art and graphic design work, all of which is colourful and awesome.











Day 7: Skinner

By Sam Reeve

The artists whose work I am most in awe of are always the ones who work with different media and don’t stick to one thing. Today’s artist, Skinner, does just that. Not only does he paint, but he makes seriously awesome action figures, skateboard designs, T-shirts, and murals that can be found around the world. This dude is insane and you should seriously check out his website to see more of his work, because this measly preview I’ve given here is only the tip of the coolest iceberg ever.

Skinner lives in Northern California in the Oakland area. He was born in 1978 and no, his real name is not Skinner, but it’s a nickname he’s had since he was a kid. He draws a lot of inspiration from stuff like heavy metal, but also nerdy stuff like D&D and Lord of the Rings, putting his own monstrous, colourful twist on it all.

But Skinner doesn’t just stop at visual art! He’s also in a band called Ungoliant.

First let’s take a look at just his paintings, and then we’ll get to his other stuff. I am so madly in love with his art that I’ll likely overload this post with images. Suck it.


skinner mickey mouse

free ET

shark skillz

That Which You Held Was Never Yours


blood wizard

Morgoth Johnson

Vacation with the Ladies

Dino Rider


If you’re not already won over by this guy’s stuff, I think you should just leave and maybe not exist. Next we have a brief glimpse of his illustration work, followed by some of his murals and installations (including his old van).

scumpy rules

blood wizard design

hideous hands

Skinner's old van

san fran mural

wizard mural Skinner

As I mentioned above, Skinner also does action figures/toys, skateboards, and clothing. Below you’ll find some examples of that, and if you follow this link you can find his shop where you can buy stuff with the designs on it (as well as prints).

shoggoth slave

skinner toy


Skinner skateboard

dog warrior shirt

skinner shirt

Below you’ll find a time-lapse video of Skinner drawing fan art for the show Metalocalypse.

That’s all folks! Have an awesome weekend and be sure to keep checking back because Weird Art Month doesn’t take a day off.