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Weekly Weird Art: Shain Erin

By Sam Reeve

Shain Erin hails from California and has this to say of his creepy art dolls:

These are not comforting toys; they can be challenging and defiant, disturbing and enchanting, irrational and frightening, beautiful and sad. They have stories they yearn to tell, and they hold secrets they will never give up. I like to think of dolls as spirit vessels and the making of a doll a kind of offering or invitation. It’s always a collaboration between me and whatever spirit comes forward.

Some of his sculptures were featured here on Bizarro Central over a year ago, but he’s awesome so you get to look at more! You can view more of Shain’s work, or learn more about him, on his blog, Flickr or deviantART page.


shain erin cenobia

shain erin jointed bride doll

shain erin malva

shain erin mummy

shain erin the fallen (figure of a child)

shain erin the seer

shain erin zombie doll

Day 25: Joel-Peter Witkin

By Sam Reeve

Since Tracy Vanity has done an exceptional job at shitting all over this holiday (read the post here), I won’t even bother to do so myself. Just know that I hate this day and that from this hate Weird Art Month was born!

Today’s artist is the photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. His work is dark, grotesque and totally awesome and not Christmas-appropriate. His work often features corpses, dwarves and other strange subjects. For the corpse/body part work, he had to shoot in Mexico so as to avoid the law.

Warning: some of these may be disturbing.

Happy holidays!



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