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Weird Art Month: Gwen Murphy

By Sam Reeve

Gwen Murphy has done a huge series she calls “Foot Fetish”, which has little to do with the sexualization of feet, but lots to do with shoes. Seems she used real shoes for these surreal and amusing sculptures, but if she didn’t, it doesn’t matter. They’re awesome! Check out her blog here to see them all.

Weird Art Month: Tulsi Maya

By Sam Reeve

Tulsi Maya’s art is some of my most favourite ever. I loved drawing over pictures in magazines as a teenager, turning people into goths or monsters with my trusted Sharpie, but her work is the truly good version of that. Her illustrations and collages are always amazing and you should check out the rest of her work on Tumblr here.

Weird Art Month: Craig LaRotonda

By Sam Reeve

Craig LaRotonda, born and raised in Buffalo, New York, has had quite a successful career so far. His art has appeared in mainstream media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and even in award-winning movies like Traffic. The influence of the renaissance is unmistakable in Craig’s work, and what helps it stand out from so much of the modern artists. Take a peek at the artwork below, and check out his website here.


By Sam Reeve

Mysterious New York-based illustrator SCARECROWOVEN is a fan of gore, guts, and oozing appendages. His gnarled creatures take a cue from ‘comic books, sci-fi and horror movies and all the illustration that came out of the skateboard world in the 80’s.’ He describes himself as an alien emissary sent to our planet 12 million seven hundred thousand years ago, but in more earthly terms he is a graduate of the graphic design program at New York’s School of the Visual Arts.


Check out the gallery below, and afterwards head over to his website here. He’s got shirts, posters and other cool stuff for sale!

Weird Art Month: Agostino Arrivabene

By Sam Reeve

Agostino Arrivabene’s paintings look like relics from some kind of nuclear wasteland, warped by time and radiation, but really the dude’s just talented as hell and often paints on wood instead of canvas. He lives near Milan, Italy, and lives like a hermit with just his dog and his art. The solitary and calm life he lives translates to the paintings.

Below you’ll find a sample of his work, but I highly recommend his website, and his tumblr is also really great if you like seeing paintings in progress.

Weekly Weird Art: Mark Prent

By Sam Reeve

Mark Prent is a Polish-born Canadian sculptor and performance artist whose grotesque work has caused a stir since the 70’s. In 1972 and ’74 his work was exhibited in the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, and both times the police tried shutting it down after a public morality group complained about the nature of the art. The gallery’s right to display the art was successfully defended each time.

Born in Lodz, Poland in 1947, Mark’s parents immigrated to Canada when he was still an infant and he was raised in Montreal. He now lives in Vermont with his wife and continues to create his disturbing sculptures. Although he hasn’t exhibited in years, he uses them in his performance art, and his son (a videographer) records the sessions.

After checking out the gallery below, be sure to visit his website to see more fucked up art!

Weekly Weird Art: Christopher Davison

By Sam Reeve

Christopher Davison is an American painter and illustrator. I’ve always been a big fan of multi-media artwork, and this stuff hits the spot. Visit his site here to see more of his work.

christopher davison

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