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Vanity‚Äôs Creepypasta Halloween Countdown Day #9: Slenderman

by Tracy Vanity

Listen kids and I’ll tell you a tale,
Of a tall, looming figure in the form of a male.

The best spooky legend is one of the Slender Man.
The creepiest tale in all of internet land.

Wearing all black with a blank, white face,
His unusually long arms and legs are his most famous trait.

Once noticed in a vintage photograph,
Lurking behind some playground children who were having a laugh.
A carefree kid on the playground slide,
Never knowing she was about to die.

Slender Man is always waiting,
Ready to pounce,
Ready to prey,
Creeping and sneaking,
To take you away.

And as you can tell from the 5 million views,
Slender Man’s story is very hot news.

He even has a theme song and addicting game.
Once you know he exists,
You will never be the same.

That sound in the kitchen will give you a fright,
You should be scared to turn out the light.

And if you ever forget to look around,
That’s when your body is never found…