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Twisted Tuesdays: Bizarro Photoblast!


61524_329393307163766_1832204074_n 283762_334787533291010_190954130_n representation of Abraxas, gnostic deity 1359600098948 1359612783798 animals on road artifactd best friend bicycle safety butcher distort family death portrait heads infinity mcdonalds clown mind monster bag pogo pointy heads puppeteer what monster

If anything speaks to you or if you know the artists/photographers/origins of any of these random pics, please let me know.


Twisted Tuesdays: Bizarro Photoblast!

by Tracy Vanity

Work is kicking my ass and I have a folder overflowing with some Bizarro pics you should enjoy. I sure do.

The Bizarro pic bombardment will commence…NOW!

4 legs

7273_374757915970813_2054059757_n 58530_160933947399920_603490625_n 1359580866956 1359581190164 1359600956709 1359610506488 1359635753369 1360615439143 berserk big bad wolf cleaner swan ride the dark one the gumball dispenser the man is the doll the pit victorian kids view screen werewolf dead Wondermatrix wtf is that

Which ones speak to you or creep you out? This post accurately depicts what my mind looks like. FUN!

Twisted Tuesdays: Famous Last Words

by Tracy Vanity


Death is a part of life, life is a part of death. Here are some interesting final words uttered by some famous dead people you may have heard of.

“I do not believe in my death.” – Salvador Dali

“I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.” – Frida Khalo

“I hope I haven’t bored you.” – Elvis Presley

“That was a great game of golf fellas!” – Bing Crosby

“Surprise me.” – Bob Hope

“The executioner is, I believe, very expert, and my neck is very slender” – Anne Boleyn
anne boleyn

“I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room and died in a hotel room.”
– Eugene O’Neill


“You see, this is how you die.” – Coco Chanel

“I feel certain that I’m going mad again. I feel we can’t go thru another of those terrible times. And I shan’t recover this time. I begin to hear voices” – Virginia Woolf

“My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go. – Oscar Wilde

“Harlot, yes. But traitor, NEVER!” – Mata Hari

“Relax – This won’t hurt.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Twisted Tuesdays: Meet Your Maker

by Tracy Vanity

8 bit skull

Doing whippits right now, tripping out to my own mind as usual. Happy Twisted Tuesday bitches, here is a dose of true existence in the form of a wondrous animated short shot like a moving graphic novel. Spectacularly done. My compliments to the chef!

irl Halloween decoration

Twisted Tuesdays: Animated Gif Apocalypse Rorschach Test

by Tracy Vanity

I’m really glad I don’t know how to make animated gifs because I spend enough hours a day dicking around on the internet. Thankfully there are people out there who have dedicated their time to the art of animated-gif-creating so I don’t have to bother learning and can just repost their shit.

Since this is the 1st Twisted Tuesday of the year I wanted to do something other than post twisted videos. Believe me, I have like ten years worth of fucked up youtube vids to post. And there will be plenty of time for that…

For this post, I want to get reader/lurker involvement. One or more of these various moving images should inspire your fingers to fly across the keyboard in response, be it a simple “wtf IS that?” to an anecdote about your life, to a made-up story that just slapped your ass. Anything. Whatever your reaction is, post it! You can even do it anonymously if you’re shy.

So I’m going to post 13 animated gifs with an accompanying Roman numeral so that you may reference it in your response if you so choose.

Just like you, I don’t know the origin of most of the shit I come across and just add my own interpretation. That’s really what the internet is here for: fuck context, it’s all about your reaction…an internet Rorschach test if you will. Just post your immediate reaction to anything you see.

Now on to the Animated Gif Apocalypse!

I. reaction gif

II. jesus_raptor

III. circle

IV. shake

V. creepy bear infinity

VI. silent hill

VII. japan cuddle

VIII. tumblr_mfx7jfOSN81qgleipo1_500

IX. plug me in

X. scream

XI. tumblr_mft710lDvS1qgleipo1_500

XII. tumblr_mfsf4x4ek51qgleipo1_400

XIII. headless pianist

Twisted Tuesdays: It’s Ok, You’re Going to Die

by Tracy Vanity

With the recent tragedy that has happened in the U.S. and the upcoming Maya Apocalypse, I thought it best to post something to ease your minds.

Sometimes you just need the MGM lion to sit you down and put shit into perspective.

I find this video soothing and helpful, especially while trying to get through the worst month of the year.

Thank you MGM lion!

Twisted Tuesdays: Zombies in Nature

by Tracy Vanity

Zombie insects are nothing new but scientists keep discovering new organisms that burrow into some species’ brain, makes them do crazy shit, and kills them off in some Kafkaesque/Day of the Dead/Aliens way that makes you go “wow nature is a real sadistic cunt!”

Example –

Cordyceps fuck up some ants:

Sir David Attenborough is the shit. He should be the only one allowed to narrate everything in life. EVERYTHING! I love that man. I’ve seen that video dozens of times and still shiver in disgusted amazement. Imagine being an ant, chilling, looking for food for your colony, and then your friends frantically tell you to get away from them, and then some fucking fungus breaks through your entire body and kills you? That would be pretty fucked up wouldn’t it?

Cordyceps don’t just zombie invade ants though, here is what they do to unsuspecting tarantulas:

I just read this article about a European gypsy moth caterpillar virus that makes a caterpillar climb to the tallest part of a tree where “their diseased bodies split open, raining infected caterpillar guts onto the leaves and branches below.”

By doing this, the caterpillar guts have a higher chance of raining down on other caterpillars and infecting them and then they go and climb and explode their guts onto their pals until the whole tree becomes a zombie caterpillar apocalypse. This National Geographic article has more details on that particular strain of zombie insect infection.

I tried to find video of that but could only find pics of the aftermath:

It’s not just killer fungi that insects need to watch out for, here are some jewel wasps turning roaches into their zombie bitches:

They can also do it to spiders:

Still not creeped out enough? Live Science has a gallery of zombified ant species, Scientific American has a whole slide show of zombie animals, and here is an article on zomBEES.

Enjoy, sleep tight! Be glad you aren’t an arthropod. Humans have nothing to worry about…right?