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Book Trailer: Angel Meat

This fabulous vision has been brought to you by Laura Lee Bahr’s Angel Meat, available on Amazon! Stay hungry.

Out Now: Angel Meat

“Laura Lee Bahr writes masterpiece fiction. Oh my God, we’re witnessing the beginning of a brilliant canon and career. ” – Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box

These nine prime cuts of Angel Meat feed the soul in a collection precisely crafted for connoisseur and newcomer alike. Taste the “Grade A” stick-to-your-ribs psychological horror of “The Liar,” the dark love magic cast by “Rat-Head,” the bold blend of sci-fi and noir in “The Cause,” and the naked truth revealed “In the Desert.”

Laura Lee Bahr’s distinctive flavors linger on the tongue long after the reading’s done. Her transcendent servings of flesh, wings, and heart are yours to savor for years to come.

Get it here!

The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie Contest

For immediate release: Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

Authors John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow knew they wanted to do something special to promote their new book, The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie, a slim novel concerning “the last Hollywood film crew, making the last Hollywood movie, in the radioactive crater formerly known as Los Angeles”.

So they teamed up with filmmaking partner Andrew Kasch (who got over 1.6 million hits for his Princess Bride mashup with the Red Wedding footage from Game of Thrones.) to produce a dozen six-to-twenty-second videos, shot entirely on smart phones. And they’re opening up a contest to all Los Angelenos.

To participate: Grab your smartphone and create a four second video depicting what you’d be doing before the nuclear warhead lands. And then blow up, as in the examples below. Winning entries get a free copy of the ebook, and their work posted and credited as part of this ambitious art project/publicity stunt.

“What we want to capture,” New York Times bestselling author Skipp says, “is a funny, scary, heartbreaking fly’s-eye view of L.A. in its final moments, caught completely by surprise, from south Central to Beverly Hills and everywhere in between. We’ll be posting at least six a week till the end of the month, and hope we get hundreds to choose from.”

The book is half savage showbiz satire, half hardcore apocalypse horror, all complemented by Greg Houston’s powerful art. “If you live in L.A. and work in the Business,” says noted futurist Goodfellow, “the apocalypse will hold few surprises. It’s already here. It’ll only get louder.” And the prospect of crowdsourcing short L.A. films to promote a book about film and L.A. makes the team very happy. (“I’m having fun blowing things up,” notes Kasch.)

The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie gets released today in trade paper and ebook by Fungasm Press, an imprint of Eraserhead Press, the Portland-based publisher specializing in Bizarro fiction who last year had a hit with “Broken Piano For President” by Patrick Wensink. (The book Jack Daniels sent the world’s nicest cease-and-desist letter to.)

For more info on the contest’s rules, go to: Inquiries (and contest entries) can be sent to Movie links are below. ——–

1) BARKING SCOOB! (Starring Scooby Hamilton)

2) FRANCESCA LIA BLOCK ON TV!!!! (Starring Francesca Lia Block)

3) HULA GIRL! (starring Laura Lee Bahr, with music by The Slow Poisoner)

Check back here for more videos and visit THE LAST GODDAM HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CONTEST page to join in and follow along!

Naked Noir: A Review and Reflection on Laura Lee Bahr’s Haunt and Bizarro Noir

by Garrett Cook

When you put a trenchcoat and fedora on a character, it does something to who they are. They’re a detective, they’re a gangster, they’re a loner. These trappings change your perceptions of a person, of what they do and what they’ll get into. It’s a shortcut, maybe a shallow visual cue. I poke fun at this and examine this at the same time in my book Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective, a book that’s about whether we are what we look like or what body we’re in or what clothes we wear or even, in the case of fictional characters, which ones they’re dressed in. Sometimes that’s the only indication of a genre we have. A lot of the time genre itself is just a costume we slap on a piece of fiction.

Laura Lee Bahr’s Haunt is a Bizarro novel and a noir underneath its clothes, but something really interesting is going on, something you don’t see that often in crime fiction. While Haunt features a private dick, a femme fatale and a man obsessed who must confront his dark side, she doesn’t use these as a veneer. It’s noir whose trappings are what they are, whose strangeness is unabashedly what it is, pervading the architecture of the book and the voice of its narrators. It’s surreal, it’s transgressive and its more strange than it is anything else, but its strangeness and its noir-ness become one in ways you seldom see.

This is a traitorous whore of a book, a femme fatale that puts Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis and Joan Bennett to shame. It switches protagonists. It switches storylines. It’s not just the basic vicissitudes of plot or the revelation of facts. It outright turns on you. It’s turned on its author it seems. Bahr has blended fiction and lying. You are, like the book’s heroes part of its intrigues and the author might well be too. Noir is about shadows and identity schemes and broken confidences and people facing up to their dark sides. This is Bizarro noir that isn’t wearing a trench coat or anything at all.

Haunt is a book that doesn’t require a lot of violence, a lot of detective work, gangsters or grit. The violence occurs at the emotional and narrative level. It hurts the brain and it hurts the heart of the protagonist and the reader alike who have become one. I’m reminded of Frank Zappa’s statement “I don’t  do drugs. I am drugs.” It’s made of hurt and enigmas. Which is an impressive feat to say the least.

Bizarro noir is already a fine tradition. It comes out of a fine cinematic tradition, films like Mark Damon’s The Seventh Victim, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet  and Alex Proyas’ Dark City. Jordan Krall’s books alone are enough to validate the subgenre, but others came before it and more will come after it.  Haunt fits in with these films and with this tradition and reminds us why the two go together. Bizarro and noir are both at some level about reality being unreliable. They  both involve emotions and ideas becoming realities and changing
the physics of one’s universe. Naked, proud, honest weird noir Haunt reveals these connections and uses them the best they can be used.

Garrett Cook is the author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and Archelon Ranch

Laura Lee Bahr’s HAUNT is available on amazon now!

“DEMONS” Up For a Stoker Award! Bizarros Rejoice!

This morning, the Horror Writers Association announced their official ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards. And my DEMONS anthology made the list.

I don’t know if this is the first time a Bizarro author got nominated for a Stoker, but it’s certainly the MOST Bizarro authors ever nominated in one fell swoop.
So congrats to LAURA LEE BAHR, CODY GOODFELLOW, VIOLET LaVIOT, CARLTON MELLICK III, J. DAVID OSBORNE, JAMES STEELE, and ATHENA VILLAVERDE, who brought the mad Bizarro flavah to the book, and held their own with Neil Gaiman, William Peter Blatty, and the rest of the fancy gang.
Yer pal,

Skipp Unleashes Demons, Fungasms, Cleanups, and New Horror-Packed “Rose” Trailer!

As usual, October’s a busy month for hard-working horror legend John Skipp: not just as a novelist, but as a boundary-challenging book editor and filmmaker as well.

First up is Demons: Encounters With the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed. This 640-page mammoth anthology features work ranging from Poe and Lovecraft to Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, and William Peter Blatty. It’s a wild mix of classic and original tales, from sweet, subtle and funny to ferociously hardcore.

Demons is the third collection Skipp has edited for Black Dog and Leventhal (Zombies: Encounters With the Hungry Dead and Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters With the Beast Within), as part of their Supernatural series. “I feel like I’m building monuments,” he says, “with the best writers in the history of the field handing me the building blocks.”

Next is the launch of Fungasm Press, Skipp’s new publishing imprint under Eraserhead Press’s Bizarro publishing empire. He’s just released the first two titles: Laura Lee Bahr’s debut novel, Haunt (“a tripping-balls L.A. noir/Bizarro hall of mirrors”) and Violet LeVoit’s incendiary short story collection I Am Genghis Cum. (Both Bahr and LeVoit also appear in Demons.)

Skipp says, “Fungasm books take place where mainstream and genre fiction collide with the totally fucking strange, right here on Earth. And these are two of my favorite new writers, doing work that’s otherwise almost impossible to categorize. That’s exciting. That’s a Fungasm, for me.”

Meanwhile, Skipp & Spector’s 1987 splatterpunk classic The Cleanup returns, this time as an e-book from Crossroad Press. Perhaps the darkest and most personal of Skipp’s early works, he calls this tale – of a supernatural vigilante who finds that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions – “sort of a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Asshole”.

With this release, all of Skipp & Spector’s six novels are available as e-books: The Light at the End, The Scream, Dead Lines and Animals are also with Crossroad, while The Bridge remains with Dorchester Press.

Finally, Skipp and his filmmaking team release the official trailer for Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical, featuring fresh and gory footage designed to show the horror side of this cult film-in-the-making.
“We knew that we hadn’t brought the horror,” he says, “and that people needed to see it to believe it. Thank God for Kickstarter and our supporters, whose contributions allowed us to shoot this new scene, bring the tension and fear that totally balance out the wackiness.

“We believe this trailer finally shows what Rose is all about, in one compressed kaleidoscope of high-voltage crazy. It also reveals the range of our phenomenal star, Chase McKenna.