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Cult Film Classics: Đėŗ Ţøđėśķıņġ

by Tracy Vanity


Đėŗ Ţøđėśķıņġ (aka The Death King) is a 1989 German horror film directed by Jörg Buttgereit. This experimental style movie which does not use central characters explores the topic of suicide and violent death in the form of seven episodes, each one attributed to one day of the week. These episodes are enframed by the vision of a human body, slowly rotting during the course of the movie.

You can watch the entire film here:

Hurry, before it gets deleted!

Fun fact: Jörg Buttgereit, best known for his film Nekromantik, a graphic horror film about necrophilia, was given a Super-8 camera as his first Holy Communion present while he was in kindergarten.