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Halloween Chaos Countdown: McKamey Manor Will Fuck With Your Psyche!

tied up

Lots of people have been sending me links to this promo video for the most extreme haunted house ever created. I’m glad that fucked up Halloween shit reminds you of me. I’m touched.

If you have not yet watched the video, watch it!

To call it a haunted house is an understatement. McKamey Manor isn’t some $5 backyard spook show with people in cheap costumes jumping out at you while you try to see through a fog machine. Russ and Carol McKamey, the creators of this unique horror experience have chosen to go all the way, much like a real-life Serbian Film, and totally destroy people’s minds.


Weekly Weird Art: Christopher Golebiowski

Guest Post by Andrew Wayne Adams

Sam Reeve is busy fighting bears this weekend, so I am filling in to bring you this emergency Weekly Weird Art post, since we know you will go into convulsions without your regular dose of deranged images. I don’t know any artists, so Sam had to give me a few names from her stash, shouting them into the phone as she warded off yet another gang of grizzlies. She managed to name off only a few before the line went dead. I’m not worried; those bears don’t stand a chance.

One of the names she gave me was Christopher Golebiowski. I looked him up. His art is childish, political, disturbing, confusing, and fun. Apparently he’s from Sweden. I know nothing else about him. I don’t know how Sam finds these people.

Here’s his Flickr, and here’s his deviantART. And here’s a small selection of my favorites:

Stay tuned next week for a selection of work by grizzly bear painters! (Like, bears who are painters! Mostly abstract stuff, but very good.) Yeah, not really.

Andrew Wayne Adams is the author of Janitor of Planet Anilingus, a bizarro novella available from Eraserhead Press. He was born and raised in rural Ohio. It was awesome! He now lives in Oregon and trains bears how to fight.