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Weird Art Month: Kristofer Porter

By Sam Reeve

So how have you all been handling the year’s blackest month thus far? Since I don’t celebrate xmas and don’t live with anyone, I’ve been handling it rather well, mostly, though I do have to hear the music when I go grocery shopping. Grinchyness aside, it still is the blackest month of the year what with no sun and all. Weird art therapy is what good Doctor Sam prescribes, and if you’ve missed any of this month’s posts you can scroll through all of them by clicking the little blue link below that says “weird art month” or “weird art”.

Today I bring you Kristofer Porter, a California-born illustrator and painter who now resides in Brooklyn. Some of his drawings are so detailed it makes my head swim just thinking about the time he must’ve spent on them. The majority of Porter’s work is strictly black and white, but he’s still a skilled man when he decides to work with colour. If the sample below doesn’t satiate your appetite for the weird, check out his tumblr here.

Weekly Weird Art: Christian Rex van Minnen

By Sam Reeve

Christian Rex van Minnen’s paintings are grotesque, beautiful and colourful in all the right amounts. Born in 1980 in Providence, RI, this young artist’s work has garnered a lot of attention since he started exhibiting his work in 2009. One look at the paintings below, and it’s no wonder. They stand out.

If  the gallery below hasn’t satiated you, visit Christian’s website here. You can also read this awesome interview and learn more about him.

Weekly Weird Art: Mark Prent

By Sam Reeve

Mark Prent is a Polish-born Canadian sculptor and performance artist whose grotesque work has caused a stir since the 70’s. In 1972 and ’74 his work was exhibited in the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, and both times the police tried shutting it down after a public morality group complained about the nature of the art. The gallery’s right to display the art was successfully defended each time.

Born in Lodz, Poland in 1947, Mark’s parents immigrated to Canada when he was still an infant and he was raised in Montreal. He now lives in Vermont with his wife and continues to create his disturbing sculptures. Although he hasn’t exhibited in years, he uses them in his performance art, and his son (a videographer) records the sessions.

After checking out the gallery below, be sure to visit his website to see more fucked up art!

Weekly Weird Art: Jacqueline Gallagher

By Sam Reeve

“I’m painter of Zombies and the Disturbed. Or Disturbed Zombie Painter… I forget which. These figures are contractions, beautiful and grotesque at the same time. They float through their worlds driven by craving, vanity, and addiction, caught in moments of comedic indulgence. They put themselves on display for the world as their bodies and minds slowly decay. This is how I see myself and most everyone around me. We are the Dead Living, but we sure do look good.”

Please visit Jacqueline Gallagher’s website here to see more of her work.

Weekly Weird Art: Jesse Berlin

By Sam Reeve

Today’s post will be kept short and sweet. Jesse Berlin is an American sculptor who received a BFA in 2004 from the Art Institute of Chicago, and received his MFA earlier this year.

Weekly Weird Art: Aleksandra Waliszewska

By Sam Reeve

What’s the deal, Poland? How have you produced so many of my favourite artists whose names I struggle to pronounce? Thanks though.

Aleksandra Waliszewska’s blog can be found here, and her Flickr photostream here.

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Weekly Weird Art: Maria Rubinke

By Sam Reeve

When I think of the word porcelain, fancy dolls (or maybe toilets) come to mind. Danish-born artist Maria Rubinke‘s sculptures will change how you think of porcelain. They’re like a bizarro-horror take on the classic porcelain figurines that collect dust on old ladies’ shelves.








rubinke pink gun