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Twisted Tuesdays: Fuck X-mas With a Chainsaw

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Twisted Tuesdays: Epic FUCK CHRISTMAS Post, AKA Happy Horrormas!

by Tracy Vanity

happy horrormas

To say I’m not a fan of Christmas would be an understatement. I’m dedicating this Twisted Tuesday to posting soothing images, videos, and songs to get myself, and anyone else who fucking hates Christmas, through this horrible fucking day.

santa burning

This post is dedicated to FUCK CHRISTMAS!





santa wizard

happy horrormas 2


Since Christmas sucks, I’m celebrating HORRORMAS! It’s basically Halloween with a Christmas theme. I recommend a Horrormas movie marathon of Jack Frost, Black Christmas (1974 version), Silent Night Deadly Night, and Don’t Open Till Christmas. Any other Horrormas films you recommend?

zombie santa

Tales from the Crypt has a great Horromas themed episode called “And All Through the House.” You can watch the whole episode right here:

There’s even a tales from the Crypt Christmas album! I just found out right now.

The “Unholy Night” episode from American Horror Story is awesome too. The entire 2nd season is incredible. I have a fetish for nuns and mental institutions but who doesn’t?


I’m starting to feel better already. This cheap Thai rum is helping too.


Axe murdering Santas do put me in good spirits.


As always, Cyriak captures the true spirit of Horrormas with his incredible 2012 Horrormas video card.

Happy Horrormas Bizarro!

Celebrating Winter Solstice with Satan

by Tracy Vanity

If you’re like me, you’re not only really awesome but you hate Christmas and just want to get through this holiday season without axing someone in the skull. Sure, a lot of booze and Valium helps but some anti-holiday internet cheer is also useful.

So while people visit people they can’t stand just because they came out of the same vagina and others shoplift electronic products made by toddlers in China, let us take a break from the bullshit and enjoy the true spirit of this time of year!

To warm you up, I present to you the most epic holiday/Yuletide/Winter Solstice/Christmas/Satanic video on the internet:

Now on to the bombardment of videos and images:

If you haven’t watched Jack Frost, you must! Not to be confused with that shitty movie with Michael Keaton that came out a year after this version, it’s about a serial killer who dies and comes back as a snowman and kills people. If that doesn’t get you into the true spirit of the season nothing will!

Merry X-Mas from Terry Gilliam

I feel like I’ve been listening to “Christmas Sucks” for the past ten years and just figured out as I post this that it isn’t really Peter Murphy and Tom Waits, just a band impersonating them…it totally sounds like them though so let’s keep pretending…

South Park’s Woodland Critter Christmas . Fuck Charlie Brown, that’s the only Christmas special that makes me happy.

Enjoy & Heil Satan!