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Flash Fiction Friday Special Roundup

In this week’s edition of Flash Fiction Friday, we would like to send you out on an adventure to discover some amazing short stories and poems around the internet. Enjoy!

“Shopping at the End of the World” by Douglas Lain (Strange Horizons)

3 flash fictions by J.A. Tyler (Red Fez)

“Alien vs. Predator” by Michael Robbins (The New Yorker)

“A Brief History of an Amputee” by Cameron Pierce (New Dead Families)

“Cardiology” by Ryan Boudinot (Five Chapters)

“Empire” by Andrea Kneeland (Everyday Genius)

“A Private View of Butt City” by Andrew James Weatherhead (Pop Serial 3)

An excerpt from “The Sugar-Frosted Nutsack” by Mark Leyner (Vice)

Understanding Hegel with Philip K. Dick

Douglas Lain has offered up a weird essay on understanding Hegel through the work of Philip K. Dick. Go over to to read it.

Cyberpunk and Elvis Presley’s Vomitous Death

Douglas Lain, author of Wave of Mutilation, has written about cyberpunk over at

“I’d become somewhat obsessed with an art exhibit; the Walker Art Center’s traveling exhibition of postmodern art entitled Let’s Entertain: Life’s Guilty Pleasures. It ran at the Portland Art Museum from early July through mid-September, and I visited it often, bringing friends and family members back with me and introducing them to Jeff Koon’s penis, Takashi Murakami’s pornographic statue of an anime girl whose giant breasts gushed milk in a frozen action sequence, Dara Birnbaum’s Wonder Woman spin video, and a video reenactment of Elvis Presley’s vomitous death on his toilet. For some reason, I wanted everyone to see these things.”

Click on the excerpt  to read the full article.

The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #5

The latest issue of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction is now available! This one is guest-edited by Cameron Pierce.

Feature Novella: The Obsese by Shirley Jackson Award-winner Nick Antosca. Imagine The Birds with obese people instead of birds and you’ll have a slight idea of what this brilliant social satire is all about.

Also featuring:

Fiction by Stephen Graham Jones, Bradley Sands, Andersen Prunty, R.J. Sevin, Matty Byloos, J. David Osborne, Kirsten Alene, a collaborative story by Alan M. Clark and Jeremy Robert Johnson, and an exclusive excerpt from Sam Pink’s forthcoming novel, The No Hellos Diet.

Non-Fiction by Douglas Lain, Molly Tanzer, Patrick Wensink, J. David Osborne, and Caris O’Malley.

The author spotlight this issue is on multi-talented bizarro favorite Andrew Goldfarb.