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Read EXTINCTION PEAK by Lucas Mangum (for free!)

Over at Lucas Mangum’s blog, he’s posted a story about dinosaurs and ultraviolence called Extinction Peak. It goes a little something like this:

No, that’s actually Dinosaurs Attack!, but the idea is similar. Here’s Mangum himself describing the story:

“Two and a half years ago, I wrote a novel inspired by the completely bonkers Dinosaurs Attack cards from Topps. If you’re not familiar with these cards, just Google them. They’re seriously crazy and gory as fuck. Because of them, and growing up on Jurassic Park, I always wanted to write a gruesome dinosaur story. 

Enter Extinction Peak, a story set in a California mountain town under attack by dinosaurs. While not based in any way on Dinosaurs Attack, you can certainly spot its influence. I’ve decided to offer the novel up for free as a serial, as a gift to you, my faithful readers.”

Check out the first chapter of Extinction Peak HERE, and stay tuned to Lucas Mangum’s blog to read more!

Bizarro News Roundup!

The good news is there will never be a shortage of Bizarro news…



tooth fairy




  • Canadian man swallows severed human toe at a bar in Yukon and had to pay a $500 fine and leave town since now the bar can’t serve “Sourtoe Cocktails” anymore until they find another toe.  Adventurous drinkers would drink a cocktail of whiskey with the mummified toe inside and it had to touch their lips. As for the taste, one patron said: “The whisky was the only thing I could taste but the toe was like a leathery piece of jerky — with a toenail attached to it,” There are several videos at the link.

fiery nipples

drunk deer

Until next time Bizarros!