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Weird Art Month: Justin Bartlett

By Sam Reeve

I hope everyone is having a very metal Christmas! I’m sitting in my dark house listening to Ulver. ‘Tis the season!

Justin Bartlett’s art is completely appropriate for this blackest of days and I just can’t get enough of it. His style is inspired by that of Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni (an equally amazing artist that you should totally check out). Justin has done work for bands like SUNN O))), Gorgoroth, Job For A Cowboy and Earache Records, and has appeared in publications like Vice Magazine and Adbusters Norway. See more of his work here.

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Satanic Love for Devil’s Night!

Halloween is tomorrow!

unholy trinity

“Unholy Trinity” By  Chad Michael Ward

I’ve known the night before Halloween as “Devil’s Night” because of The Crow but apparently this name is mostly used in Michigan due to the large numbers of arsons that always occurs in Detroit before Halloween. Other parts of the U.S. have various names for October 30th such as:  trick night, mischief night, devil’s eve, and even cabbage night. “Devil’s Night” is still the best I think. Damn, Brandon Lee was sexy…


Aside from lighting fires, people like to run around and create general mischief before Halloween. Has anyone ever actually set fire to a bag of dog shit and put it on some old man’s porch or do they only do that in movies?

The Devil is the epitome of mischief. Here is this year’s Satanic/demonic love!

beast daugter tumblr_mtw71m5Idb1rkcjd8o1_500 satan whirl baphomet devil holding pooh satanist 666

teen devil

satan escapeschurchofsatan-2bob

This is a good song with “Satan” in the title. Of course it’s about Satan in the form of a woman. The footage is from the classic Russ Meyer film, Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!  Yay Tura Satana! Do you have any favorite songs about the Prince of Darkness or various forms thereof?

Make some mischief and hail Satan! Happy Devil’s Night!

World Horror Cinema: USA

By Sam Reeve

night of the demons posterTitle: Night of the Demons

Year: 1988

Language: English

My rating: 8/10

The world’s media, pretty much no matter where you live, is inundated with American stuff. I figured I wouldn’t post a horror movie from the US because of that, but then I found this one and decided that diversity could take the day off. I’ve got a very small list of movies that I must watch every year during the Halloween season, and Night of the Demons just got added to it.

A group of teenagers party on Halloween night, but this isn’t an ordinary kegger in someone’s basement. Angela, the gothy one, hosts it in Hull House, an abandoned and haunted funeral parlor that seems like the perfect venue for the occasion.

night of the demons house

Of course, after they hold a séance, things go horribly wrong as one by one the teens are picked off and possessed by demons. Can anyone survive the night and escape the grounds, or will they all get dragged to hell by the end of the night?

Night of the Demons knew what it was and didn’t bother to put on airs. Most teen movies feature plenty of sex and nudity, so why not go over the top with it and make it part of the fun? It turned the sexy parts into great comedy, whereas during those scenes in most other movies it seems boring and only there because “sex sells”. The same thing goes with the writing. There were too many groan-inducing one-liners to count, and it was great!

night of the demons night of the demons 3

While the majority of Night of the Demons was laughs and snickers, the horror effects were quite good. The set was amazing, and I can’t think of a better place for a bunch of scared teens to get trapped. The makeup and demon transformations were probably my favourite, though, and with today’s tendency to enhance everything with CGI, you won’t find such realistic and awesome stuff in modern movies.

night of the demons 2

The intro was also something that caught my attention, and it served the film well. The creepy animation and music sets the tone and reminds viewers that it’s Halloween, motherfuckers! See the intro here.

night of the demons introWell, there you have it folks. You can view this classic 80’s horror below. Seen it? Let us know what you thought in a comment below!

World Horror Cinema: Soviet Union

By Sam Reeve

viy posterTitle: Viy

Year: 1967

Language: Russian

My rating: 7/10

Today I bring you a Soviet classic that has been labeled as the first horror film to come out of Russia. This beautifully shot masterpiece is based on a folk tale written by Nikolai Gogol, the Ukrainian-born Russian writer known for his weird, fantastical stories. Viy is more a comedic fantasy than a true horror, but the last 30 minutes feature lots of witchy, demonic action that are definitely worth watching.

Khoma,  seminary student, and two of his friends end up in the country looking for a place to sleep. They happen upon an old lady’s farmhouse, but the baba is not quite what she seems. She grabs Khoma and flies off into the night, and he then figures out she’s a witch. After landing, he beats the snot out of her and before passing out she turns into a beautiful maiden. Later at the seminary, Khoma’s rector tells him he must spend three nights reading prayers over the dead body of a lord’s daughter, who was mysteriously beaten up one night.

Each night that Khoma reads, the witch awakens and taunts him. His only protection is a holy circle and his prayers, but will they save him in the end? You’ll just have to find out…

viy 4 viy 3I really loved this movie, and it surprised me. My personal experience with Soviet “comedies” is that they’re pretty dry and sometimes intensely depressing and lacking in jokes. Viy was truly funny, and also bizarre. The animation and special effects in the final scene when all the demons are conjured…it’s a work of art. If you liked Army of Darkness, you may like Viy too. I know I’ll definitely re-watch it in the future.

viy 1

Here is a clip with the demons that I just mentioned. It’s only in Russian, but nothing too crucial is said. It’s all about the visuals. Below that you’ll find the full movie with English subtitles.

Vanity’s Creepypasta Halloween Countdown Day #30: Motherfucking Devil’s Night Mayhem!!!!

by Tracy Vanity

I’ve been so looking forward to creating this post. Prepare for some Devil Love bombardment… Ready?

This post is Satanic Patrick Bateman approved.

Halloween is tomorrow!!!! Have fun little devils!

Day 30: Demon City Shinjuku (1988)

By Sam Reeve

Our last anime movie for Japanese Horror Month is Demon City Shinjuku (aka Makaitoshi Shinjuku). Hideyuki Kikuchi, who wrote the original book, also wrote Wicked City and the Vampire Hunter D series.

In Demon City Shinjuku the evil dude, Rebi Ra, defeats Genichirou and causes an earthquake that destroys the Shinjuku part of Tokyo. The area is invaded by demons and becomes a post apocalyptic hell for the inhabitants. 10 years later is when Rebi Ra plans to finally resurrect the rest of the demons to turn the entire world into hell.

After a decade of chaos in Shinjuku, Rebi Ra is back, kidnapping President Kozumi (who had ushered in world peace). Some floaty ghost-like guy who seems to be Kozumi’s protector asks Kyoya for help in defeating Rebi Ra. Kyoya also happens to be Genichirou’s son, and he teams up with the President’s daughter Sayaka.

They enter the demon city, fight off bad guys on the way, are joined by a child side-kick and then finally get to battling with Rebi Ra.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Demon City Shinjuku is a good anime for the Halloween season. It’s filled with demons, angry spirits, and bloody battles. I found the art to be better than most of the anime I’ve watched this month, and the story wasn’t terrible (although after watching Wicked City I see they have lots of similarities).

The best part was probably the setting. I love post apocalyptic stuff, and the demon city was pretty cool. You never knew what would pop out next!

Here is a trailer for the movie that’s set to some mildly annoying metal music.


WHAT DIDN’T WORK: The final battle was a total let-down. Very boring and brief, which sucked pretty bad since I was expecting something epic like at the end of Akira.

Below you can find the full movie with English subtitles. Enjoy!

Day 27: Blood – The Last Vampire (2000)

By Sam Reeve

Today for Japanese Horror Month we have the anime short film Blood: The Last Vampire. It was directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo, who also was a key animator of Akira. In 2009 a live-action version of this movie was made, but I can’t comment on that one since I haven’t seen it. This movie is doubly appropriate for this month because it takes place just before Halloween!

It’s 1966 and Saya, the last true vampire, is handled by some American suits. They use her to destroy bat-like demons that can take on human form. It’s suspected that one of these creatures has infiltrated an American air base, so they send Saya undercover at a school next to the base to find them. She does, which of course leads to some awesome demon fights.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: I was most impressed by the animation, but the story itself wasn’t bad. It’s by no means original, but at 48 minutes long, it’s just an entertaining, well-animated ride with plenty of monster action.

Still not sure? Watch this trailer!