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Weekly Weird Art: Meagan Jenigen

By Sam Reeve

Meagan Jenigen is a young artist residing in Baltimore. Her work is diverse, something I really appreciate, and of course it’s all wonderfully strange. She’s even done a few taxidermy pieces!

Check out her work below, or visit her website or deviantART page.



cube rat edelias

of avian idols - jenigen

of_avian_idols___doll_3_by_edelias-d4ze5mr jenigen

d - jenigen

FOX__news__by_edelias jenigen

Ghosted_Roots_by_edelias jenigen



k - jenigen

Day 15: Polly Morgan

By Sam Reeve

Now before any of you fellow animal lovers out there get in a huff about Polly Morgan‘s art, let’s get one thing straight: All the taxidermied animals used in her art were pets that could not be saved and were donated by the owners or vets, or they’re road kill. All the animals died of natural or accidental causes.

Seeing dead animals makes me a bit sad, but since all these littles guys were already dead anyway, I feel a tad better knowing they got turned into something totally awesome.

Polly lives in and works from London, England. Her art career is somewhat of a new thing, as she only started working as an artist in 2005. She became interested in taxidermy after taking a course in Edinburgh. Her early work caught the attention of street artist Banksy, who commissioned a piece for an annual art show he organizes.