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Bizarro News Roundup!

Charles Manson love


thai bumfights

“Free sessions are held twice a week at Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province and about 100 men have signed up to be tortured. Most are expectant dads but there are thrill seekers too among the volunteers for ‘taster sessions.'”

  • Speaking of signing up to be tortured, the McKamey Manor is still continuing their extreme haunt experience past Halloween. Russ keeps saying he is toning shit down but this last video is creepier than the ones in the last post. Two tough guys dressed as the Super Mario Bros end  up throwing up and crying after 20 minutes! Also note the reference to Vegas. Russ live streams the haunts to unknown people in Vegas! You really need to watch this:

And just in case you haven’t been on the internet in the past month:

Until next time Bizarros!

Twisted Tuesdays: The Music of Cult Leaders


The Official Halloween Chaos Countdown has begun! Let the madness ensue!

For this extra special Twisted Tuesday, I’d like to welcome you to October by playing some catchy tunes from 9 cult leaders. Enjoy!

9. David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians. Most famous for the Waco Siege where 76 people died during an intense standoff with the FBI. Koresh has a lot of songs.

8. David Berg, leader of the Children of God, an apocalyptic pedo Christian cult that Rose McGowen, River Phoenix, and Joaquin Phoenix were members of as kids.

David Berg

7. Supreme Master Ching Hai, super egocentric vegan “spiritualist” with her own TV show, restaurant chains, and fashion line. Good food but the bitch is off her rocker.

6.  Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Using the term “cult leader” a bit loosely in this case. LaVey was a charismatic egomaniac who started a belief system that some people ended up taking seriously although it was always tongue-in-cheek and harmless. It was mostly just about being a hedonist and denouncing religion. Nevertheless, he made 80’s and 90’s talk shows more entertaining with all the Satan stuff, and he loved music.

5. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Worst cult music ever. Rumor has it that Hubbard started Scientology because he made a bet with Errol Flynn on an orgy drug boat that he could start a cult. I am not fact-checking that because I like the story too much. They were friends since they were both hedonists.

4.  Jim “Father Yod” Baker, founder of The Source Family. Just a typical 60’s drug, sex, and psychedelic rock cult. Pretty harmless and some good music came out of all that acid.

3. Jim Jones, leader of The People’s Temple. BTW his followers drank cyanide Flavor Aid not Kool-aid.


Jones and his followers released an LP called “He’s Able” in 1978. This is by far the most haunting and disturbing song:

The People Temple Choir was very soulful.

2. Shoko Asahara, the founder and leader of Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo which killed 13 people in a gas attack in a Tokyo subway. The guy currently still has over 1,000 cult followers.

1. Of course good ole’s Charlie makes #1 on the list of best cult leader music maker. The Manson Family had very lovely voices and Charlie has a way with words.


Bizarro Central Mixvideos

by Tracy Vanity

I compiled a mix of music for Bizarro Central using the youtube medium. All music was selected on aural and/or visual Bizarro merit. Enjoy!


The Family Jams are amazing. Many assume that it’s Charles Manson singing but it’s actually another family member, Steve “Clem” Grogan. Manson wrote all the songs though. I love every song by the family but “Ride Away” is one of my favorites. It’s so beautiful and soothing…I just want to drop acid and hack up a bunch of people.


Crispin Glover is the perfect man: hot, talented and fucking insane. If you’ve watched the two movies he directed and tours around the world with, “What is it?” and “It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE”, you’d agree. Now mix the fucked-up hotness of Crispin with coulrophilia and you get the best thing since midget gang bang fisting porn!

“Clowny Clown Clown” is the only official music video from Crispin’s sole album “The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be.” The entire album is filled with Bizarro goodness. His cover of Nancy Sinatras’ “These Boots Are Made for Walking” is breathtaking.


GG Allin is why I started listening to punk rock. His lyrics are fun and he liked to shit, bleed on stage and attack his audience. He even showed up on Geraldo. His acoustic stuff shows a softer side of GG. This acoustic version of “Outlaw Scumfuc” and “Fuck Authority” is an American anthem that totally shits and vomits on “The Star Spangled Banner.”


2-Live crew performing “Face down ass up” on the Phil Donahue show is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen on the internet.


Had to add my favorite Thai song to the mix. It’s about waking up in the morning with a bad hangover and curing it by drinking more. The song is very popular among rural Thai people and the video is hilarious. After watching this, my friend in America asked me if living in Bangkok was like living in the background of Streetfighter II. The answer is YES.


The Residents should definitely be at the top of every Bizarro fan’s favorite band list. Awesome song and video.


Not an official Nurse With Wound music video but Jiri Barta clips are a beautiful accompaniment to “The Bottom Feeder.”


Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, of Throbbing Gristle and Coil fame, made some incredible industrial music under The Threshold HouseBoys Choir and set it to footage of Thai rituals that he recorded himself. The footage in this video is taken from the vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand. As you can see, the Thai vegetarian festival is not just about eating tofu…


Messer Chups are a horror surf rock band from Russia. Most of the videos that accompany their songs are taken from vintage horror movies, typically starring Vincent Price, or are just randomly awesome like this one.


Beautifully haunting song and video from Einstürzende Neubauten.


I had to save the best for last. Tonetta is a severely underrated music legend/performance artist for the internetz age. All his songs are funny and catchy as fuck and his Buffalo Bill mannerisms have gotten him banned from youtube 5 times! He is the most punk rock person alive right now. Thankfully, his devoted army of fans save his videos and re-upload them to youtube whenever his account gets deleted.

The live version of “Ultimate Whore” is amazing too. He’s totally channeling Iggy Pop in that performance. His album “777” is available for sale on limited edition white vinyl with accompanying cd at Black Tent Press.

Bonus track:

German version of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”!