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Demon Boobs!

“A terrifyingly titillating web-series”

Demon boobs is a wonderfully low-budget web-series about two demonic floating boobs named D.D. and Donovan, with a nipple pig  (and other strange guests) making regular appearances too. It’s silly, weird, and unlike anything you’ve (probably) ever seen.

demon boobs

There’s only a vague story arc, so most of the episodes can be enjoyed on their own and at random. They’re also real short – under 3 minutes long – so these are easily digested.

Below are a few great episodes. You can find the rest here.

Episode 1 – D.D. and Donovan watch a movie and discuss a recent murder they committed.


Episode 2 – D.D. recalls a dream in which he unwillingly takes over his ex-girlfriend’s mind.


Episode 5 – The Satanic Nipple Pig mishandles getting dumped.


Episode 13 – A demonic pug has eye issues.

Day 23: David M. Cook

By Sam Reeve

What I find most intriguing about David M. Cook is that he’s a self-taught, colour-blind artist. I love thinking that what he sees when creating his art is totally different from what we see. David was born in Kentucky in 1972 and is now based in New York.

Check out his website here.







mickey mouse david m cook

david m cook

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