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Weird Art Month: Laurie Lipton

By Sam Reeve

Skeletons and skulls frequently appear in New York-born Laurie Lipton’s work, as does strange machinery and too many circuit boards. Her finely detailed charcoal and pencil drawings have made their rounds in Internetland, so you’ve probably seen her work at some point. They’re strange and beautiful and often haunting.

Check out Lipton’s website here for more of her work.

World Horror Cinema: Brazil

By Sam Reeve

strange_world_of_coffin_joeTitle: The Strange World of Coffin Joe

Year: 1968

Language: Portuguese

My rating: 6/10

Coffin Joe is the alter ego of the Brazilian horror legend José Marins. He has appeared in many of his own films as this character, but despite the title, Coffin Joe is not present in this anthology of short horror tales. He does, however, make an appearance in the third segment as an evil professor with a seriously bad wig and eyebrow combo.

Fun fact: Coffin Joe and the professor both have extremely long fingernails, which are real. Marins would grow them out several inches for his movies.

The first tale is of a doll maker and his daughters, whose shop is broken into by some young hooligans looking for money and sex. The second is a dialogue-free story about a hobo/balloon vendor who becomes obsessed with a woman and follows her around for some time, even breaking into her tomb once she dies. The third is about a crazy professor (played by Marins) who tortures people into agreeing with/proving his theory that animal instincts are ever-present in people and love isn’t real.

the-strange-world-of-coffin-joeI thought the first and third segments were the best, though the middle one had some redeeming moments that were quite funny. All three had a lot of T&A, to the point of it being truly hilarious. Many times the camera followed someone who walked past it and zoomed in on their ass, and I’m pretty sure once it was a guy. The special effects and sets were low-budget and pretty cheesy, but laughing at those bits made the slow parts bearable. Over all, it’s worth seeing, especially knowing what a legend José Marins is in the horror genre.

Below is the full movie with English subtitles. Feel free to skip to the 6-minute mark, as the intro and opening credits were almost unbearably long and boring.

World Horror Cinema: France

By Sam Reeve

fears of the darkTitle: Peur(s) du noir / Fear(s) of the Dark

Year: 2007

Language: French

My rating: 7/10

Today is the first post for World Horror Cinema. If you missed the announcement from last week, I’ll be sharing and reviewing a different country’s horror movie each and every day in October. That’s right – 31 different countries, with a whole lot of subtitles and plenty of scares.

To kick things off, I bring you this heavily atmospheric and unsettling collection of animated shorts. Six different artists worked on Peur(s) du noir, each one in their own style, creating an array of black and white tales fit for Hallow’s Eve. The film is light on the scares for sure, so you can watch this one with the lights out, but from the opening credits (with great music), it got me in the Halloween spirit.

A teenage boy with an affinity for collecting strange insects meets the wrong girl at college. A village where people go missing and a young boy is haunted. A little Japanese girl has terrible nightmares. A man seeks refuge in a dark house, but finds no rest. These tales are spliced with two others, the first being a monologue of a woman talking about her fears, and second showing a man with vicious dogs who sics them on passersby.

peurs du noir

The trailer below will give you a good idea of what you’re getting into, showing clips from each of the segments. The full movie below is subtitled in both English and Chinese (and you can’t turn it off), so it’s slightly annoying but still worth watching. If you’ve seen Peur(s) du noir or end up watching it, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Day 29: Danny van Ryswyk

By Sam Reeve

Danny van Ryswyk‘s digital portraits are like a bizarre take on those from the Victorian era. I’m normally not a huge fan of digital art, but I’ve found myself a fan of Danny’s. He was born in 1972 in the Netherlands and once saw a UFO, something that he says has greatly influenced his work.

Strange Days Have Found Us

The World Within

The Wondrous


White Rabbit

Day 25: Joel-Peter Witkin

By Sam Reeve

Since Tracy Vanity has done an exceptional job at shitting all over this holiday (read the post here), I won’t even bother to do so myself. Just know that I hate this day and that from this hate Weird Art Month was born!

Today’s artist is the photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. His work is dark, grotesque and totally awesome and not Christmas-appropriate. His work often features corpses, dwarves and other strange subjects. For the corpse/body part work, he had to shoot in Mexico so as to avoid the law.

Warning: some of these may be disturbing.

Happy holidays!



cupid and centaur








50 Unexplainable Photographs


I came across this link a while back. Trying to come up with any explaination for why these photographs exist is a pretty fun game, that is if you are up for the challenge.

See all 50 photographs.