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New Release: Girl in the Glass Planet


Girl in the Glass Planet is an aural cyberpunk fantasy where the Pied Piper meets Franz Kafka in a labyrinth of glass tunnels and grotesque alien insects. Follow Cyberia (the girl in the glass planet) as she joins Darko, Basho, and the Shinkai in hunting down Zatoichi (a god-like creature known as “the speaker-man) after he destroyed their homes and left a swarm of insectoid cyborites in his wake. His sound drives them beyond the point of madness. They’re hunting for revenge, hoping they can reach the silence at the end of the tunnel. A fast-paced surreal sci-fi thriller from the author of The Orphanarium.

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New Release: More Bizarro Than Bizarro

Bizarro Pulp Press presents… A showcase of the written word that represents the best of the weird and the grotesque; More Bizarro Than Bizarro is a gallery of the strange and unusual, including possibly-dead detectives, a beer-head invasion, some especially delicious cookies, the dream of Jackie Kennedy, and of course, the best story of a talking penis ever written in the history of classical literature.


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Out Now: Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised, and Silent Veil of This World

Available on Amazon: the latest from Jordan Krall!


Find yourself on a starship as it lumbers across the desert. Find yourself on a train looking out at the stars, the earth a blue marble in the infinite black abyss behind you. Find yourself overdosing on narcotics in a bathtub at home. The Red Planet. Pharmaceuticals. The Demiurge. Assassins. Suicide bombers. Underground railroads between worlds. What mysteries link them? Pull back the veil and see.

In Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised and Silent Veil of this World author Jordan Krall creates a wholly unique experience; all at once revelatory, hypnotic, and hallucinatory. All literal, all parable, all a twisted drug-trip. So read on and know this; it’s all true, and it’s all in your head.

Weird Book Releases, Fall 2016

More bizarro books are dropping for the Christmas season, brought to you by Atlatl Press, Strangehouse, and Bizarro Pulp Press. Click the titles to head over to the book’s Amazon page.


Abraham Koyfman is a widower of nine months. He works from home selling subliminal self-help tapes for a questionable doctor he found in an ad in the back of a magazine. His meager retirement is enough now that he’s alone and Abraham is ready to quit his job—a task proving to be difficult due to the company’s tactics. The combination of grief and the lack of empathy from his adult children have him ready to quit life, also. On the day he reaches the breaking point his friend Horace pays an unexpected visit with his new girlfriend. Horace’s remedy for Abraham’s plight is to party hard, act juvenile, and take a road trip to confront the doctor in charge of the work from home scam. But will an insufferable friend, a bad case of misanthropy, and the absurdity of modern technology and its sociocultural impact make Abraham’s situation better?


It’s Corpse Bride meets Eraserhead despite Gonzalo’s best efforts to live a life like Leave It to Beaver’s. Gonzalo grew up in the cemetery under the care of his monstrous parents and in the company of decaying corpses. As a result, he only desired one thing throughout his childhood: To be normal enough to join society. But despite his attempts at running away from his family, he has never been able to leave the mortuary. Now, as an adult, Gonzalo manages the cemetery. His family has died yet he is still unable to leave. Then, on the night of the annual Cadaver Tea party, something impossible happens—he impregnates the corpse Fiona. In an attempt to normalize the cemetery before his child’s birth, Gonzalo begins to close all the coffins, forever locking the dead inside. Without the intercession of corpses like Henry, the voluntary babysitter of abused children, Lionel, the life-long explorer, Victoria, the world’s first professional deep-sea water ski champion, and Vincent, Victoria’s long-time lover and trainer, Gonzalo believes he and Fiona will be able to raise their child to join the rest of the world. But in the throes of terminal calcium deficiency, Fiona’s bones deteriorate to dust immediately after she gives birth. Can Gonzalo make the young Frank, his now motherless, half-corpse son, normal enough for society? Can he raise his son without becoming like his own parents? Will Gonzalo become the Mortuary Monster he has spent his whole life trying to escape?


It’s one of those days again: you discover tiny Egyptian pyramids and slaves in your stool, and soon, you give birth to a Fecal-Pharaoh, that is cursed… Yeah, it’s one of those days again. Heroine addict babies crawl onto your body, and you become a superhero – sure, the girls dig your new infant-muscles, but you must keep up with the little crying bastards drug hunger. Yup, that shitty day again, when your wife calls for the police and the operator tells her that an officer will arrive in 9 months, and a few weeks later, your woman discovers that she is pregnant with a tiny police man that beats your stick with a baton every time you wanna get intimate with her.
Action, drama and holy fucking fecal matter! Join Turdmummy, the Foreskin-Golem, Craphouse Christ, the fat Christmas-tree mermaid, Prostate-Yeti and Tampon-Steed in a messy, surreal fight against good taste.


It’s going to be a long, hellish day on Utica Ave. The employees of Brooklyn’s seediest soul food joint, Clayvon’s King Prawn Chicken N’ Biscuit, have a mysterious new patron: Edgerin. Called a “vagrant” and a “beggar”, he’s got a thing or two to learn them in the delicate art of begging… Within twenty four tense, bloody hours, all the filthy secrets buried under the nail beds of the Clayvon staff are revealed in this darkly comic urban crime story from author Bob Freville.


Image result for wonder weavers bialer

Starting in the fall of 1896, something very strange was going on in the night skies of the western United States. Newspapers and law enforcement were inundated with reports of bizarre machines flying over cities and towns, mostly in Texas. There are thousands of accounts in the newspapers from that time; no one knew what to make of them then, and today in the 21st century, we still don’t. There were also numerous reports of odd people or figures manning the airships of unknown origin and speaking in unfamiliar languages. What was going on? Were people on the ground just making up these stories or do we have a case of multiple witnesses to a major secret event occurring years before the Wright Brothers?

Matt Bialer, poet of the weird and unexplained, grapples with the mystery in his epic poem, WONDER WEAVERS. The narrator of the poem is writing a book on the subject while at the same time helping his extremely shy teenage son prepare a book report on HG Wells’ INVISIBLE MAN. He is also continuing his never-ending search for his long lost missing brother who loved airplanes and who first told him about the Wonder Weavers.

Then the key to the mystery of the airships is possibly found: A series of large old scrap books of esoteric drawings, collages and watercolors of these unreal flying machines are found at a garbage dump. The books are from another time and possibly even another realm. They turn out to be the creation of a reclusive old Prussian butcher who lived in Texas in the 1890s named Charles Dellschau. The drawings have German and some sort of code in them and many references to a “Sonora Aero Club.” The object here is to crack the code; the code of human ingenuity. And to soar to the heights of exhilaration and imagination and maybe something even well beyond.



Cucumber Punk is out on Kindle!

Bizarro Pulp Press brings you Cucumber Punk, by P. A. Douglas.

Cucumber punkOn the fringe of an acceptable society, Pete’s a cucumber-headed punk whose thoughts of rebellion against the social order frustrate him to no end. Sometimes, there’s a shortage of tomato sauce. But there’s no shortage of fear for the Veg-heads, as they’re hunted down to satisfy the Norms and their consumer culture…

Praise for Cucumber Punk

“Vaguely reminiscent of Jarman’s Jubilee, a surprisingly raw Bizarro fable about exploitation. Wholeheartedly recommended.” – Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and Time Pimp

“P. A. Douglas delivers a fast, brutal, and oddly sweet tale of vegetable repression and exploitation. But don’t take my word for it. Pick it up and read it now!” – Erik Williams, author of Bigfoot Crank Stomp

“Beneath the gonzo punk sheen of ‘Cucumber Punk’ lives a scathing social commentary about the myopia of discrimination and the corrosion of social order. P. A. Douglas conveys this heavy message with a sense of pure joy and insanity, ensuring a reading experience that never fails to exhilarate. Try eating a vegetable afterward without feeling even a tiny bit guilty.” – Matthew Revert, author of The Tumors made me Interesting

Coming soon in paperback and audio!

Bizarro Anthology Open for Submissions

bizarro bizarroBizarro Bizarro: An Anthology is opening submissions today! Send in your best bizarro fiction with 3500-7000 words. Deadline is October 1st.

Edited by Rocky Alexander and published by Bizarro Pulp Press. Cover art is by Alan M. Clark.

For more details about submissions and where to send them, click here.