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Bizarro Mix Videos Round 3

by Tracy Vanity

It’s already Friday night here. The future’s so bright, Mickey’s gotta gouge out his eyes!

I complied a 13-song Bizarro youtube mix music video soundtrack for your weekend.

This time, instead of listing each video one by one, I thought it would be better to just surprise you. So hit play and enjoy listening to it while WRITING, WRITING, WRITING, getting laid, smoking out and chillin’ with your homies, stumbling around drunk in your apartment, eating expired spam from the can, masturbating to creepy plush porn…or whatever the fuck it is you Bizarros do for the weekend. This compilation is good for any Bizarro occasion.


Bizarro Central Mixvideos Round 2

by Tracy Vanity

If you missed my first round of mixvideos for Bizarro you can check those out here.

So for Round 2 the theme is still Bizarro music but unlike last time where I posted some songs that didn’t have actual videos accompanying it, these music videos are all visually cool, weird, creepy, fucked up, or all of the above. So here is my Bizarro music video party mix for the weekend. Enjoy!

1) Sebastien Tellier “Cochonville”

When I first saw this video I was blown away. How can you top a 70’s space cult orgy? You can’t!


2) Misfits vs. Chainsaw Hookers

Nothing gets me into the Halloween spirit like The Misfits and this amazing mashing of “Hollywood Babylon” with cult film Chainsaw Hookers is amazing. If you haven’t watched Chainsaw Hookers, you really aren’t missing much. The best parts of the film are in this video.

3) I Monster vs. Shaun of the Dead

Monster masher VillainsHorror has been paying homage to some of his favorite horror films by making cool music videos for them. This one for Shaun of the Dead is a lot of fun. I hadn’t heard of I Monster before watching this video but I checked out some of their other songs and they are very haunting and pretty.

4) David Lynch “Noah’s Ark”

This is my favorite song off “Crazy Clown Time.” Lynch hasn’t made an official video for this yet but a fan was kind enough to make one using cool vintage footage of what looks like some kind of old Russian film.

5) Tom Waits “Hell Broke Luce”

Tom Waits made a new music video and it’s fucking epic! A great anti-war song with surreal Terry Gilliam-like visuals. I love the animated vultures.

6) Die Antwoord “I Fink U Freeky”

I fucking love Die Antwoord. They’ll like real life Pokemon and Yo-landi’s voice sounds like unicorn semen sliding down my ear canal. This video is beautiful and dark and Yo-landi looks pretty sexy with those all-black demonic eyes.

7) HEALTH “We are Water”

Excellent homage to old slasher films with a cool twist and an incredible cinematic blood splattering scene at the end.

8) Broken Social Scene “Sweetest Kill”

Who knew that watching Bijou Phillips hacking up her boyfriend could be so pretty?

9) Pogo “Living Island (H.R. Pufnstuf Remix)”

Is that little boy saying “Weed can be legalized?” If you haven’t heard of Pogo and you like trippy, electronic, nostalgic videos, definitely check out his other songs. The Alice in Wonderland mix is my favorite.

10) Geto Boys “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me”

Fuck, this song takes me back. Great old school hip-hop song about being a paranoid motherfucker.

11) Quasimoto “Come on Feet”

Trippy video with fucked up looking puppets!

12) Art of Bleeding “Don’s Foot”

Another song about feet. This video is a beautifully disturbing musical tribute from The Art of Bleeding for Don who wants to turn his amputated foot into a cane. Capital idea even though feet gross me out even when they are still attached to people!

13) Andrew Gold – Spooky Scary Skeletons

A hit on 4chan because it’s so fucking spooky. #13 on my Bizarro playlist had to be something to get you guys hard for Halloween, it’s just around the corner!!!

So what’s on your weekend song playlist Bizarro?

Bizarro Central Mixvideos

by Tracy Vanity

I compiled a mix of music for Bizarro Central using the youtube medium. All music was selected on aural and/or visual Bizarro merit. Enjoy!


The Family Jams are amazing. Many assume that it’s Charles Manson singing but it’s actually another family member, Steve “Clem” Grogan. Manson wrote all the songs though. I love every song by the family but “Ride Away” is one of my favorites. It’s so beautiful and soothing…I just want to drop acid and hack up a bunch of people.


Crispin Glover is the perfect man: hot, talented and fucking insane. If you’ve watched the two movies he directed and tours around the world with, “What is it?” and “It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE”, you’d agree. Now mix the fucked-up hotness of Crispin with coulrophilia and you get the best thing since midget gang bang fisting porn!

“Clowny Clown Clown” is the only official music video from Crispin’s sole album “The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be.” The entire album is filled with Bizarro goodness. His cover of Nancy Sinatras’ “These Boots Are Made for Walking” is breathtaking.


GG Allin is why I started listening to punk rock. His lyrics are fun and he liked to shit, bleed on stage and attack his audience. He even showed up on Geraldo. His acoustic stuff shows a softer side of GG. This acoustic version of “Outlaw Scumfuc” and “Fuck Authority” is an American anthem that totally shits and vomits on “The Star Spangled Banner.”


2-Live crew performing “Face down ass up” on the Phil Donahue show is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen on the internet.


Had to add my favorite Thai song to the mix. It’s about waking up in the morning with a bad hangover and curing it by drinking more. The song is very popular among rural Thai people and the video is hilarious. After watching this, my friend in America asked me if living in Bangkok was like living in the background of Streetfighter II. The answer is YES.


The Residents should definitely be at the top of every Bizarro fan’s favorite band list. Awesome song and video.


Not an official Nurse With Wound music video but Jiri Barta clips are a beautiful accompaniment to “The Bottom Feeder.”


Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, of Throbbing Gristle and Coil fame, made some incredible industrial music under The Threshold HouseBoys Choir and set it to footage of Thai rituals that he recorded himself. The footage in this video is taken from the vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand. As you can see, the Thai vegetarian festival is not just about eating tofu…


Messer Chups are a horror surf rock band from Russia. Most of the videos that accompany their songs are taken from vintage horror movies, typically starring Vincent Price, or are just randomly awesome like this one.


Beautifully haunting song and video from Einstürzende Neubauten.


I had to save the best for last. Tonetta is a severely underrated music legend/performance artist for the internetz age. All his songs are funny and catchy as fuck and his Buffalo Bill mannerisms have gotten him banned from youtube 5 times! He is the most punk rock person alive right now. Thankfully, his devoted army of fans save his videos and re-upload them to youtube whenever his account gets deleted.

The live version of “Ultimate Whore” is amazing too. He’s totally channeling Iggy Pop in that performance. His album “777” is available for sale on limited edition white vinyl with accompanying cd at Black Tent Press.

Bonus track:

German version of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”!