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Weekly Weird Art: Christian Rex van Minnen

By Sam Reeve

Christian Rex van Minnen’s paintings are grotesque, beautiful and colourful in all the right amounts. Born in 1980 in Providence, RI, this young artist’s work has garnered a lot of attention since he started exhibiting his work in 2009. One look at the paintings below, and it’s no wonder. They stand out.

If  the gallery below hasn’t satiated you, visit Christian’s website here. You can also read this awesome interview and learn more about him.

Weekly Weird Art: Nick Cave

By Sam Reeve

If you’re thinking this is Nick Cave, the Australian musician, you’re wrong. This is Nick Cave, the American performance artist who creates otherworldly “soundsuits”. He creates these suits from textiles and found objects, then jumps, dances or parades around in them. He’s held performances all over the states, sometimes on college campuses, that involved dozens of people in soundsuits.

Originally from Missouri, Cave now resides in Chicago where he’s the director of the graduate fashion program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Below are a couple of videos of the suits in action, and in the first one he explains how he started making them.


Weekly Weird Art: Justin Aerni

By Sam Reeve

Justin Aerni is an American artist who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His multimedia art is dark, strange, and both silly and serious all at once. Besides painting, drawing and sculpting, Aerni has created short films featuring his own music and animations, and he has also published a book of poetry called Bitter Batter Brains.

Below are a couple of his videos and samples of his art, including a random one of him just eating a sandwich, which I somehow found totally amusing.

Weekly Weird Art: Fernando Vincente

By Sam Reeve

If you like hot, classy ladies….and also anatomical diagrams, well hot damn, this is the artist for you! Fernando Vincente‘s portraits actually remind me of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s story The League of Zeroes (from Angel Dust Apocalypse), the one where removing your lips to show off your teeth is a popular body modification for ladies. Anyway, these weird dames are not to be missed.

Mr. Vincente comes from Madrid, Spain, and totally rules. That’s all you need to know for now.

Weekly Weird Art: Daan Botlek

By Sam Reeve

***With today’s post I’m experimenting with inserting a gallery instead of just inserting a bunch of pictures, so I’d love to get feedback in the comments below about which you prefer!

Dutch artist Daan Botlek creates some wonderfully odd street art and murals, but also does illustrations and commissions. You can see his work around the world – earlier this year he participated in the Bukruk Street Art Festival in Bangkok, Thailand!




Crazy Asia: Helldriver


By Scott Cole

Recently, some Bizarro Central staffers gave their picks for filling that Walking Dead-shaped hole in your heart. Inspired by that post, I wanted to recommend the outlandishly fun and very weird Japanese zombie film, Helldriver.

Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl), Helldriver is just one drop in the current wave of hyper-bizarre films coming out of Japan, but oh what a drop it is.

When a meteorite crashes, and the resulting cloud of ash devours the northern half of Japan, anyone caught outside without a gas mask becomes infected. An hour later, they rise from their comas, sprouting Y-shaped antlers from their foreheads (which, by the way, can be ground into a powder and sold as a dangerous, illegal narcotic), ready to attack and devour anyone in their way.


Before long, a wall is built across the center of the country, dividing the relatively safe southern portion of the nation from the infected menace in the north.

But not everyone agrees on how the situation should be handled. There are groups defending the rights of the infected, and others who want to destroy them. Politicians argue both sides of the issue. Eventually it’s decided that the infected must be eradicated for the good of the country, and a woman named Kika is charged with leading a group into the north to hunt down and destroy the Zombie Queen.


Luckily, Kika is armed with a chainsaw sword, which happens to be powered by her artificial heart (her real heart was stolen by her mother, a homicidal maniac whose own heart was taken out by a meteorite that crashed through her chest, starting this whole mess). Her mother also just so happens to be the Zombie Queen.

Among other things, you’ll see chainsaw fights, various mutations, a samurai pincushion, decapitated cannonball zombie heads, a pregnant woman who uses her unborn-and-still-attached zombie child as a projectile weapon, a car made from assorted body parts, and of course a tsunami of arterial bloodspray.


It goes without saying that Helldriver is deliriously absurd, and a whole lot of fun. But it also stands as one of the weirdest zombie films ever made (at least, so far). If you’re in the mood for the undead, but looking for something Romero never conceived of, give this one a shot.

Weird Horrors: Evil Dead II

By Scott Cole

ED2-ThaiPosterWith the Evil Dead remake in theaters now, I thought it might be time to take another look at the original Evil Dead remake, Evil Dead II (aka Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn). Though it’s billed as a sequel to the original, it’s really more of what the kids these days are calling a “reboot”. It’s much more of an oddball film than the original, and by far my favorite in the series.

Our hero, Ash, travels to a remote cabin with his girlfriend for a little getaway. Unfortunately for them, there are sinister forces in the woods, and within the first 6 or 7 minutes of the film, Linda has been possessed, then quickly beheaded and buried. From there, things get much, much weirder.

By the time Linda’s decapitated corpse crawls back out of her grave, re-capitates herself, and performs a dance routine in the woods before attacking her lover with a chainsaw, we know we’re in bizarro-land. After that, we’re treated to a little bit of everything: evil tree monsters, inanimate objects bursting into laughter en masse, the Necronomicon, a demonic severed hand flipping off its former owner, even a time-travel portal to the Middle Ages. Not to mention Henrietta and her fruit cellar.



As far as I’m concerned, Evil Dead II has the perfect blend of horror and comedy – something that’s just not easy to do well in film. It’s also the true genesis of the Ash character as he’s regarded today. Sure, he was in the original Evil Dead – but it wasn’t until part two that he truly became the slapsticky, one-liner-spewing badass we all know and love.
Evil Dead II may be one of the most beloved weird films there is. It’s got some genuine chills, plenty of physical comedy, and gallons of blood. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun. If you’ve seen it, you know this, and it’s probably time to watch it again. And if you haven’t…well, then what’s wrong with you? Please shut off whatever machine you’re reading this on, and go remedy that situation now.