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New Release: All Hail The House Gods


“A joy-ride of a read, Stone has created a compelling morality tale that’s moral lies somewhere in tomorrow’s déjà vu. Funny, sad, stunning in its imaginative realization, Andrew J. Stone’s new novel is as topical, timely, and telling as a Freudian slip.” —Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt and Angel Meat
“Andrew Stone writes like a laser beam shot out of a unicorn horn. His books will alter your brain in the best possible way. If an LSD Bible had babies with a hand grenade poetry collection, you’d get what Stone can do. He’s dazzling.” —Brian Allen Carr, author of Sip and Motherfucking Sharks
Long live the House Gods! Author Andrew J. Stone (The Mortuary Monster) envisions a unique dystopia where harmony and happiness means feeding our children to sentient, human-eating houses. Can the House Gods be defeated? One family is about to find out . . .

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Review Mortuary Monster and WIN A FREE BOOK!

Andrew James Stone’s Mortuary Monster currently sits at thirty reviews on Amazon, but…

If The Mortuary Monster gets 50 Amazon reviews by the time the book turns one (November 19th), then I will give away 10 paperback copies of my next book, All Hail the House Gods, to 10 randomly selected reviewers. Yes, 10 paperback copies. That means if you post an Amazon review of The Mortuary Monster, you could have a 20% chance of getting my next book mailed to you for free. All Hail the House Gods will be coming out sometime in 2018.

Quoth Andrew James Stone (nevermore). The Mortuary Monster can be found here. It’s  a great book by a unique voice in the bizarro scene. Opportunity awaits!