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Weekly Weird Art: Casey Weldon

By Sam Reeve

Casey Weldon comes from southern California, but now works out of Brooklyn. He paints a lot of four-eyed cats. You can see more of his work on his website, and also on his tumblr. His tumblr is really worth it if you’re interested in an artist’s process, as he  posts pictures of his work at different stages.

Weekly Weird Art: Jesse Berlin

By Sam Reeve

Today’s post will be kept short and sweet. Jesse Berlin is an American sculptor who received a BFA in 2004 from the Art Institute of Chicago, and received his MFA earlier this year.

Weekly Weird Art: Shain Erin

By Sam Reeve

Shain Erin hails from California and has this to say of his creepy art dolls:

These are not comforting toys; they can be challenging and defiant, disturbing and enchanting, irrational and frightening, beautiful and sad. They have stories they yearn to tell, and they hold secrets they will never give up. I like to think of dolls as spirit vessels and the making of a doll a kind of offering or invitation. It’s always a collaboration between me and whatever spirit comes forward.

Some of his sculptures were featured here on Bizarro Central over a year ago, but he’s awesome so you get to look at more! You can view more of Shain’s work, or learn more about him, on his blog, Flickr or deviantART page.


shain erin cenobia

shain erin jointed bride doll

shain erin malva

shain erin mummy

shain erin the fallen (figure of a child)

shain erin the seer

shain erin zombie doll

Weekly Weird Art: Meagan Jenigen

By Sam Reeve

Meagan Jenigen is a young artist residing in Baltimore. Her work is diverse, something I really appreciate, and of course it’s all wonderfully strange. She’s even done a few taxidermy pieces!

Check out her work below, or visit her website or deviantART page.



cube rat edelias

of avian idols - jenigen

of_avian_idols___doll_3_by_edelias-d4ze5mr jenigen

d - jenigen

FOX__news__by_edelias jenigen

Ghosted_Roots_by_edelias jenigen



k - jenigen

Day 28: Erik Mark Sandberg

By Sam Reeve


Erik Mark Sandberg was born in 1975 in Minnesota and now resides in Los Angeles. He received a BFA and now teaches at several different art colleges.

Visit his website here (which has a limited selection of his art), or his Flickr photostream (which is more complete).



girl with wonderwoman tee


pantera hairy child

Erik Mark Sandberg toot it and boot it

blue hairy child


Erik Sandberg Sculpture 2010

rainbow unicorn



my children love me deeper

youth with friends erik mark sandberg

Day 9: Chris Ryniak

By Sam Reeve

It’s time to take a cute break! Today’s artist creates some of the cutest (yet weirdest) little creatures you’ll ever lay eyes on. Chris Ryniak comes from Michigan and draws inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons, insects and wildlife. You can visit his Flickr photostream to see more of his work, or visit his website here.








baby nosferatu

Day 6: Charlie Immer

By Sam Reeve

I’m lazy and didn’t dig up much on Charlie Immer, but his work is awesome and that’s what’s important. You can visit his website here and his blog here.