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Out Now: Deadly Lazer Explodathon

Vince Kramer’s latest book, released through Thicke & Vaney Books, is here!


In this hilarious novel six heroes from six different epochs of earth’s history (and an alien tossed in to add a little alienness) battle Space ISIS for control of a beloved spaceship (and the fate of every living creature everywhere!). There are a lot of lazers, A LOT of lazers, more lazers, I would hazard, than are any other book. Even the Bible. This book can be described as nothing short of a Deadly Lazer Explodathon! There’s also a lot of sex. A LOT. Like, almost too much (if there is such a thing!). Certainly more than the Bible. Some of the sex even has lazers involved. And you haven’t really had sex until you’ve had lazer sex. Like they say, once you go lazer sex, you never go back. It’s so awesome. Once you read this book, you’ll want to own your own lazers (and you’ll want to have sex!). You’ll want to travel through time with a mysterious doctor and battle robot Hitler too, just like our heroes. When they’re not having sex. Which, as I have stated, is quite often. So, if you love lazers, Space ISIS, or robot Hitler, be sure to pick this book up. Not only pick it up, but read it also. But use a lamp, as you don’t want to go blind

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Weird Comic Watch: Snotgirl

WHO IS LOTTIE PERSON? Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess?


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Book Trailer: Sip

Coming this August from Soho Press and Brian Allen Carr, a novel of the doom of drinking your own shadow

Out Now: Embry: Hardboiled (BONUS: join the Michael Allen Rose Creative Empire!)

Newly released from Eraserhead Press and available from Amazon, it’s….



A darkly comic noir about a chicken living in a world of anthropomorphic eggs who’s wanted for a murder he didn’t commit.

Life’s tough for an “embry.” Considered a vestigial organ at best and a parasite at worst, chicken embryos are usually aborted by the egg folk early in life. Once in a while one survives and slips through, hatching into an embry, an ostracized, lower caste anthropomorphic chicken. They have their own ghettos, and are barely tolerated by polite society. Our hero wakes up one day to find that some upstanding citizens have been scrambled. The king, his horses and his men are now after our hero for a crime he didn’t commit and proving his innocence is going to be nearly impossible. Thank goodness he’s armed with spurs, or the rotten eggs prowling the alleys of this strange grocery item city would fry him good. Delving deeper and deeper into the mystery, Embry uncovers his own bizarre background and finds he is hunted by a secret society who revere the most famous egg of all time, the very egg he himself emerged from during the great fall.

From the author of Boiled Americans and Party Wolves in My Skull comes a dystopian crime story that will have you asking: Which comes first, the chicken or egg?


Michael Allen Rose has started a Patreon account so fans of his books, music, and other artistic shenanigans can help him continue creating more beautifully weird projects in the future. We at Bizarro Central hope you check it out and help Mr. Rose achieve his goals. Thanks!

Out Now: Liquid Status

New from Bradley Sands and Rooster Republic Press…


“This reads like what might happen if Freud and the Joker collaborated on a rewrite of Blake Butler’s There Is No Year. A weird and swerving book that nonetheless says a lot about the hidden dynamics of families.” – Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

When Grandma dies and the front door disappears, one family will have to explore the inner dimensions of their house, themselves, and each other in order to find a way out. Bradley Sands’ novelette reimagines the idea that a house becomes a home, and instead asks what happens when a family becomes a house. Liquid Status is family drama reimagined as a surreal, existential nightmare.

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Mystery Meat available now on Comixology

Mystery Meat, that modern underground horror comic about the last American taboo (our food), is now available on Comixology. This way you can witness Cody Goodfellow and Mike Dubisch’s vision of fast food fuckery without getting your fingers greasy and for a very good price. Check it out here.


Entropy in Bloom featured in Publishers Weekly!

When a deviant mind like Jeremy Robert Johnson is featured in Publishers Weekly, you know the world’s getting weirder. Huge congratulations to JRJ. Time for every weirdo (and some of the normals, too) to get excited for Entropy in Bloom, due to drop in April!