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Attention all fans and friends of bizarro fiction! The bizarro event calendar is here for you. We will endeavor to include here all events, conventions, readings, and signings hosted by bizarro publishers or authors, and events bizarro publishers and authors will be attending. We want to bring bizarro fiction closer to you, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions which will make things more helpful for you, please let us know. Email:

Attention all bizarro publishers and authors! You are the reason why this genre is awesome. You are the reason why these events can take place in the first place. As much as we will try to include all your events, please let us know if we miss anything. If you’re hosting an event, or attending one in order to sell/sign books or perform, let us know when and where (with a link to a website or facebook event) and if you know who else might be attending. Email:

Please keep your requests within reason. We will NOT be listing online events. No virtual book launches. No giveaways or other such promotions. If you’ve got a real live event in the real live world, let us know.

One response

  1. William NY

    Don’t forget the EAST COAST!!! We love Bizarro over here, too! You will never grow the genre if you don’t branch out. We have dozens of cons on the East Coast including the amazing Scares That Care that gets larger every year and VERY friendly to authors. Please consider.

    April 23, 2017 at 9:46 am

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