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Weird Movie Watch: Baskin

If people are comparing it to A Nightmare on Elm Street, then it’s right up bizarro’s alley. Baskin is a Turkish horror flick about five cops who inadvertently wander into a dream-like Hell-like surrealistic nightmare world. Check out the trailer below.

Weird Movie Watch: Antibirth

A woman on the edge, living on the poverty line and fueled by drugs and partying, suddenly finds herself pregnant, only this pregnancy isn’t thanks to a one night stand. There’s a paranormal conspiracy afoot and the woman’s mind begins to shatter as her body undergoes a series of unnatural horrors. This is Antibirth, a new horror film coming to (probably select) American theaters soon. Classic body horror for the twenty-first century, presented by director Danny Perez like a surreal fever dream.

Antibirth will be available on VOD on September 2. If you like your movies to be weird as hell, check it out!

Weird Movie Watch: Yakuza Apocalypse

If you’ve been around the bizarro genre long enough, then you know that Takashi Miike is one of our patron saints. Miike has made a ton of different movies but he’s never afraid to unleash mass cinematic insanity, whether it’s a horror film, a samurai film, or even children’s movies. His latest is Yakuza Apocalypse, a gangster flick involving bloodsucking vampires and an unstoppable frog monster.


And besides a man-sized muppet who can unvelcro his mouth and breathe fire, Yakuza Apocalypse has a badass vampire nerd, a turtle guy, Mad Dog from The Raid, and human babies grown in a garden. It’s one of the best weird flicks you’ll see. Check out the trailer below.

Halloween Chaos Countdown: Cursed Movies, Creepy Gifs, and Funeral Ideas

3 Days Until Halloween!


Halloween Chaos Countdown: Human Leather, Spooky Videos, & People Pot Pie!

5 days until Halloween!


I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween already. And I still have so much spooky shit to show you!


Halloween Chaos Countdown: The 13 Best Horror Porn Parodies (NSFW)


Watching horror movies is a staple all year for most of us and triples on Halloween. With all this extra horror film viewing comes the lists!

Most disturbing, best Halloween 80’s nostalgia, best ever period! Since there are lists galore of best horror films to watch, and do feel free to post your favorites on the comments, I wanted to compile a list of best horror porn.

There are loads of horror porn films out there, mostly parodies of horror movies.

With porn parodies becoming more and more popular, this is definitely not a comprehensive list of all the horror porn out there. These are just some of my favorites:


Halloween III: Season of the Witch!


What better way to kick off October than with a Halloween horror classic that’s about a countdown to Halloween?


Unlike the other Halloween films, this movie has nothing to do with Michael Myers, who only makes a brief appearance in a TV commercial. This film stands alone in its greatness and has some iconic moments which includes three simple-yet-creepy Halloween masks with an accompanying seizure-inducing catchy commercial created by an ominous company called Silver Shamrock.

silver shamrock

When a man shows up in a hospital gripping a rubber pumpkin mask, saying “They’re going to kill us. They’re going to kill us all!” and ends up having his skull mysteriously crushed in, the doctor on staff decides that it’ll be a good idea to figure out just what the fuck is going on.

The fact that the doctor wants to bang the dead guy’s hot daughter acts a motivator. Together, the doctor and the daughter of the skull-crushed dude, go out to the middle of nowhere to some creepy small town where the Silver Shamrock Factory is and find out the true meaning of Halloween.

Hint: it has to do with witches, Samhain, Stonehenge, and sacrifice!

pumpkin boy

I love the idea of a mass of kids buying scary masks and watching a Halloween countdown commercial that will eventually kill them and unleash murderous snakes and bugs on Halloween. It really captures the spirit of the season.

You can watch the full movie here until it gets deleted: